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Five Reasons Why Portsmouth is Amazeballs-on-Sea for Writers

Writers' HQ is heading to Portsmouth to run their famous one-day writing retreats. So why is Pompey such a haven for writers?

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Writers’ HQ Wall of Fame: July Edition

Writers' HQ alumni are out there in the world kicking some literary butt. Here are the movers and shakers from the last couple of months.

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Win a FREE place on Plotstormers and get your novel written

Get your novel fully plotted and ready to go with Plotstormers, the Writers' HQ six week online creative writing course. Free place up for grabs. Read me!

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Writers’ HQ is coming to a town near you!

Our famous one-day butt-kicking writing retreats are coming to five new locations - is there one near you?

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Writing about S-E-X (omg Mum please don’t read this)

Hi. Uh. How’s it going? Cool. So. You wanna pay attention for a second ’cause we need to have a …

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Seven tips for writing fiction about mental health

You wanna write about mental health but also not be a dick while doing it? Step right in, have we got the guide for you...

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