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Reading Trans Writers: A Primer

In a nutshell: we have a dearth of traditionally published fiction from trans authors in the UK, so here’s a reading list of books that are both affordable and available.

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Revolutionary Books for People who #Resist

Whilst pulling together some platitudes to introduce this rather self-explanatory list, I Googled “synonyms for ‘up the shitter’”...

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Characterisation Masterclass Part 5: Increments of Bastardry

We know you're a lovely person but you gotta get bad if you want to make your characters live.

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Characterisation Masterclass Part 4: History and also herstory

An exercise in creating a strong backstory to make the front story seem more real.

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Characterisation Masterclass Part 2: The many arcs of Charlie Baxter

Complexity! We can do that! How to create more depth and intrigue in your characters.

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