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Characterisation Masterclass Part 1: What do they want and why can’t they have it?

Where do you begin turning an idea of a person into an actual person? Either unprotected sex with your chosen partner of the opposite sex, or fiction writing. Take your pick.

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#literarylittering: making the world better, one book at a time

A little thing that's literary and nice. Nice!

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The Writers’ HQ surprisingly unsweary Christmas gift guide

Christmas gifts for the awkward, antisocial alphabet scrambler in your life.

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Five Ways To Get Writing Again After A Break

What to do when your writing practice has fallen off a cliff and you've written nowt for blinkin' ages.

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My Favourite Novel Apocalypse: Trump and Brexit Edition

Well. End of Times, eh? I mean, we were all braced for it sometime between 2050 and 2080, what with climate change, Skynet and the oncoming zombies, but hey ho, 2016 it is. So in honour of humanity’s rapid descent into crazy land, here are the finest apocalyptic novels, as chosen by you.

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4 Tips to Help Kick Writing Imposter Syndrome in the Face (and Also Genitals)

We’ve all been there, noodling along quite happily with the WIP when BAM, all of a sudden you hear that …

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