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5 Things You Need To Do Before Self-Publishing

Well. Have we got a mothersuckin’ treat for you today? (Yes, yes we do.) Bestselling self-published author Mark Cassell has …

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Competition announcement: And the winners are…

ERRMERRGERRRD IT’S TIME TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS! *insert pre-announcement prattle here. Fuck that shit, let’s just get on with the …

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Competition Announcement: The Long & The Short Of It

Look! Look! Our competition long- and shortlist are here! Run down the hall like teens in a school-based American sitcom to …

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Five Reasons You Need To Stop Reading About Being Creative And Actually Get On With Being Creative

Here’s what humans have done with the literally awesome gift of creativity: removed it from our souls, turned it into …

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How To Procrastinate #13: Ruth Gilligan

What's better than writing? Eating tightly scheduled tuna melts and doing the laundry.

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Brand spanking new online courses are open for booking ERRMERRRGERRDD

We promised you some online courses and here the fuck they are! Also too as well WIN a year of …

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