Course Curriculum

Week 1: The Colour And The Shape
READ: Foundation garments for a shapely story 00:45:00
What is story structure? Do I need it? How can I get me some?
WATCH: Authors on starting, planning, and thinking 00:20:00
Get the advice of supreme beings Emma Healey and Vanessa Gebbie
WRITE: emotions, morals and castles 01:00:00
Time to work out the point of your story.
WRITE: The Ridiculously Reductive Four Point Plot Planner 00:45:00
Here's where your story starts to take shape, albeit a very flat kind of shape.
READ: Planning non-linear stories 00:05:00
A quick note on dual timeline narratives or an otherwise unconventional mode of storytelling.
WRITE: The Slightly Less Reductive Seven Point Plot Planner 01:00:00
The next step in your plotting journey *cue X Factor music*
Discussion: And relax 00:20:00
Well done, soldier. We’ve reached the end of Week 1 and you are a HERO.
Week 2: Finally, the beginning
READ: The Magical 16 Point Plot Planner Of Your Dreams 01:00:00
It really is magical
WRITE: Making people 01:30:00
Time to get to know your cast a little better
DISCUSS: Let us begin 00:30:00
What does your beginning need to include, and how do the guys on your book shelf do it?
WRITE: Chapter 1 00:30:00
Time to nut out that opening chapter. Let's go!
WRITE: Chapters 2 and 3 01:00:00
Chapters 2 and 3, we're coming for you.
WRITE: Chapters 4 and 5 01:00:00
Guess what this unit's about...
Week 3: And now the middle
READ: Sculpt Your Middle For A Firmer Figure 01:00:00
Getting from A to B via the rest of the alphabet
READ: Productive Procrastination 00:45:00
Rest your brain a while, but also sneakily learn about the shape of stories.
WRITE: the middle, part 1 of 3 01:00:00
Time for more chapter outlining...
READ: Writing by layers 00:45:00
Time to start building up the details, bit by painstaking bit
WRITE: the middle, part 2 of 3 01:00:00
Ahoy! The midpoint! We're half way there!
WRITE: the middle, part 3 of 3 01:00:00
Third act here we come...
Week 4: In a surprise turn of events, let's look at the end
READ: Elements of a Rising Climax and Exciting Finish. 01:00:00
WRITE: The final chaps V1 00:45:00
Entering the final phases of that first story sweep
WATCH: Authors talk about tricky bits and moving on 00:20:00
Find out how pro authors force their way through blocks, struggles and hiccups.
WRITE: The final chaps V2 00:45:00
Penultimate chapter planning. Eeek.
WRITE: The final chaps V3 00:45:00
Entering the final phases of that first story sweep
WRITE: One more quick go round 01:00:00
And then time for a break
Week 5: And then?
READ: Smaller units 01:00:00
How to break your beginnings, ends and middles into chapters, scenes and more.
WRITE: What’s the point and what can you see? 01:00:00
Turn three of your chapters into a scene-by-scene outline
WRITE: But then, so then 01:00:00
Turn some more of your chapters into a scene by scene outline
WRITE: The midpoint! 01:00:00
Make a break for the midpoint!
Week 6: Getting ready to write
WRITE: Let’s take it to the bridge. 01:00:00
Get the final scene notes down on the page.
WRITE: Another iteration 01:00:00
A fluff cutting sweep before you begin
READ: Nip tuck 01:00:00
How to declutter, lose the fluff, and make sure everything is neat and tidy.
DISCUSS: Plotstorming 02:00:00
Share your outline on the forums, get feedback, adjust as required.
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