Course Curriculum

Month 1: Planning, prepping, getting ready to go. Oh, and a cool 8,000 words in the bag from the off.
Week 1
INTRODUCING! 9 Month Novel Gestation *fanfare please* 00:30:00
What are we doing? When? How? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!
Month 1, week 1: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up
EXERCISE: Plot shakedown 00:45:00
Writers gonna write write write write write, shake it off, shake it off.
EXERCISE: When are you going to do this? 01:00:00
Lovely, lovely timetables. Mmmmm.
WRITE: Pick your first scene and go! 00:20:00
Time to get going. YEAH!
Week 2
Month 1, week 2: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up
READ: Elements of an opening scene 00:25:00
What goes in the beginning.
READ: Keeping notes to stop procrastination 00:15:00
Ideas to keep you focussed
READ: Starting your novel – general ideas and inspiration 00:15:00
What the title says
Week 3
Month 1, week 3: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up
READ: Elements of an inciting incident 00:20:00
Shamazing inciting incidents
READ: Mirrors and inversions 00:15:00
Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down.
IDEAS AND INSPIRATION: How to really fuck shit up 00:10:00
Incite that incident. Go on, INCITE IT.
Week 4
Month 1, week 4: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up
READ: La la la I can’t hear you 00:10:00
Who you gonna refuse to call?
READ: Research ideas 00:10:00
Hello. May I introduce you to my friend The Internet.
EXERCISE: Timetabling time 00:30:00
Wotchoo doing next?
Month 2: Set up your story, dive in head first. Rack up 20,000 words without even blinking
Week 5
Month 2, Week 5: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up
READ: The story set up 00:25:00
Finding your voice and learning to talk
READ: Story craft 00:40:00
How do the experts do it?
DO (OR DON’T): Productive procrastination 00:10:00
Fool yourself into getting shit done
Week 6
Month 2, Week 6: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up this week
READ: Nailing narrative voice 00:40:00
Mine sounds like Morgan Freeman
READ: Sarah and Jo’s favourite novel openings 00:15:00
Once upon a motherfrickin' time...
A very important exercise 00:10:00
Like, super important
Week 7
Month 2, Week 7: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's up, it's week SEVEN!
READ: Elements of a crisis 00:40:00
Balls to the wall, people - it's crisis time
READ: Your character’s worst fear 00:20:00
Ideas and inspiration 00:10:00
The truth is worserer than fiction
Week 8
Month 2, Week 8: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's occurin'?
READ: Mapping mirrors 00:15:00
Who dat? Oh, it's me, in a mirror.
READ: Here we go loopy lou 00:10:00
Productive procrastination! Woo! 00:10:00
Stop writing and start fucking about. Wait. What?
Month 3: Downtime, research time, catch up time. And more writing time, natch
Week 9
Month 3, Week 9: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up this week...
READ: Timetabling time(table) 00:20:00
Organisin' that writin' time like a BOSS
EXERCISE: Plot Shakedown #2 00:40:00
Time for a plot-spot-check, y'all.
READ: Three Act Structure 00:15:00
A brief tangent into the world of story structure...
Week 10
Month 3, Week 10: Your Week in View 00:05:00
Let's roll, bitches
EXERCISE: Elements of a subplot 00:40:00
What the heck are subplots and why do I need 'em?
READ: Crisis, crisis everywhere! 00:15:00
Hello second act. HELLO CRISES.
READ: Ideas, inspiration, all that good shit 00:15:00
Productive procrastination FTW
Week 11
Month 3, Week 11: Your week in view 00:05:00
Hit a literary wall? We're here to help you smash through.
READ: Get excited about your novel 00:20:00
All over again...
READ: Quantum leap! 00:20:00
Linear shminear
READ: Reverse engineering 00:40:00
Baby got back.
Week 12
Month 3, Week 12: Your week in view 00:05:00
Week 12. Wait. What? How did we get 3 months in already?!
READ: Saggy Middle Checklist 00:40:00
Turning midsection flab into abs of steel
EXERCISE: How does your character grow? 00:20:00
With silver bells and cockle shells and points of no return all in a row.
POP QUIZ! The three stages of reaction 00:20:00
Put your character development to the test
Month 4: Get knee-deep into the second act and find out more about how stories really work. Also 40,000 words in. Yes really!
Week 13
Month 4, Week 13: Your week in view 00:05:00
Rest, my children. Rest...
EXERCISE: Scheduling. Pronounced shed-yool-ing 00:15:00
Wotcha gonna do for the next four weeks? Write, that's what.
EXERCISE: Plot shakedown #3 00:30:00
Time to do the plot-based hokey cokey
DO OR DO NOT: Productive procrastination 00:10:00
How to waste time and also do something useful
Week 14
Month 4, Week 14: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up, what's going down
READ: The magical midpoint 00:30:00
A saggy middle is impossible when you realise what the midpoint is for
EXERCISE: Truths, lies, and what’s beyond 01:00:00
Make the midpoint work for YOU
Sparks and lightbulbs 00:30:00
Otherwise known as: ideas and inspo to keep you going
Week 15
Month 4, Week 15: Your week in view 00:05:00
Weeeeeek fifteeeeeeen!
READ: How to keep the action ramping up and up and up… 00:20:00
Get the fuck on with it yeah?
READ: Different types of second acts 00:30:00
Let’s escalate this motherflipper
Ideas and Inspiration Generale 00:10:00
Pep-talking, writer's-block-smashing motivation
Week 16
Month 4, Week 16: Your week in view 00:05:00
This, my friends, is the end of month FOUR
Adventure time (for novels that don’t have a tonne of ‘action’) 00:40:00
Conflict is all you need, baby.
EXERCISE: What’s your character learning right now? 00:30:00
Life lessons, practical skills, deep personal truths, dude.
READ: Questions, answers, and liminal spaces 00:20:00
Some off-the-wall pondering for the end of your writing week
Month 5: A bit more downtime, a bit more tinkering, lots more writing. You got this. Yeah ya do
Week 17
Month 5, Week 17: Your week in view 00:05:00
Slamdunk your way into a brand new month of novel-writing
EXERCISE: Do you even timetable, bro? 00:15:00
Schedule that shit
EXERCISE: Month 5 Plot Shakedown 00:30:00
Shake it like Steven
EXERCISE: The rubber ducky moment 00:20:00
Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make bathtime lots of fun...
An aside: Writing about S-E-X 00:20:00
Week 18
Month 5, Week 18: Your week in view 00:05:00
Week 18, dancing queen, only seventeeeeen...
EXERCISE: Heading towards the next pinch point 00:40:00
Let the 16PP be your spirit guide
READ: 2nd Act Ideas and Inspo 00:20:00
You want ideas? We got ideas.
Week 19
Month 5, Week 19: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up
Read: Elements of a pinch point 00:20:00
Pinch punch turn the plot, no returns.
EXERCISE: Doing learning 00:20:00
Fuck 'em up, teach 'em a lesson
READ: Ideas and inspiration bits and bobs 00:15:00
First we’ll do the bits, then we’ll do the bobs.
Week 20
Month 5, Week 20: Your week in view 00:05:00
Week 20. BRING IT ON.
READ: Elements of the ‘All is Lost’ moment 00:20:00
The shit has well and truly hit the fan, my friend.
EXERCISE: Yes but can you make it *even* worse? 00:40:00
Let's layer up the bastardy...
READ: Digging yourself into a pit 00:30:00
Then forcing yourself to think your way out again
Month 6: You know that Protag you love? We're gonna screw them up. Take that! And that! Plus you're going to hit 60,000 words and we're on the home straight
Week 21
Month 6, Week 21: Your week in view 00:05:00
EXERCISE: Timetabling ahoy! 00:20:00
Find a routine and stick to it, yo.
READ: Your weekly dose of Pro-Pro 00:03:00
Productive procrastination, y'all
EXERCISE: A lil’ plot tweakage 00:20:00
Shakedown that plot.
Week 22
Month 6, Week 22: Your week in view 00:05:00
Twenty-twos, baby, twenty-twoooos
READ: Magical mirror check-in 23:57:00
It's time to invert that shit again
EXERCISE: Flip it for real 00:30:00
Flip that novel world upside down
Ideaz and inspirationz 00:15:00
A lil' check list for your mirroring pleasure
Week 23
Month 6, Week 23: Your week in view 00:00:00
We's got everything you need right here, baby
READ: Elements of navel gazing 00:20:00
In which we stop to angst a bit about the 'all is lost' moment
READ: Internal monologue dos and don’ts 00:30:00
How to navel gaze without boring the pants off your reader
READ: Inspiration and examples 00:15:00
Week 24
Month 6, Week 24: Your week in view 00:00:00
READ: Elements of a third act opening 00:20:00
BOOM! Into the third act we fly...
EXERCISE: Oi Protag, pull yourself together! 00:40:00
Rally the troops! Pull up your boot straps! Let's do this!
READ: Ideas and inspo 00:15:00
Third act productive procrastination comin' right up
Month 7: Hurl yourself into the third act and keep on going. We're really flying now
Week 25
Month 7, Week 25: Your week in view 00:05:00
Get your diary out, kiddo.
EXERCISE: Timetabling across the universe 00:20:00
Aye aye, Captain, get those timetables down now!
READ: Productivity? Procrastination? How’s about both? 00:20:00
In which we have a serious talk about getting the fuck on with it.
EXERCISE: How to keep moving forward 00:40:00
On and on and on we go, where this novel stops, nobody knows...
Week 26
Month 7, Week 26: Your week in view 00:05:00
Get pepped, we're going in...
READ: We love it when a plan comes together… 00:20:00
I pity the fool who don't have no subplots
EXERCISE: Sowing some fictional seeds 00:40:00
Planting seeds so great big novel plants can grow
READ: Ideas! Inspiration! Woo! 00:15:00
Tips, tricks and techniques for visual plotting
Week 27
9MN Month 7, Week 27: Your week in view 00:05:00
Half way through month 7... meep!
READ: Pickin’ off the bad guys one by one 00:40:00
All the way to the big boss
EXERCISE: Cranking up the tension 00:40:00
Climbing... up... that... mountain...
READ: Notes for lit fic writers 00:20:00
Totes emosh.
Week 28
Month 7, Week 28: Your week in view 00:05:00
Last week of month 7, guyssss! Make it count.
EXERCISE: I get knocked down but I get up again… 00:40:00
You're never gonna keep me down..
READ: Doctor, doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains 00:20:00
Pull yourself together
Can we cram any more ideas and inspiration in here? 00:30:00
Of course we can.
Month 8: More writing, and planning draft two while we're at it. Multitask Palooza! And shh, don't tell anyone, but you're at 70,000 words of your first draft
Week 29
Month 8, Week 29: Your week in view 00:05:00
Errmerrgerdd you're up to 70,000 words! Squeeeee.
EXERCISE: Timetable, timetable, where have you been? 00:10:00
I've been up to London to visit the Queen
WATCH: Rousing inspirational moment 00:25:00
Rousing John Williams' score
DO: Tweaky tweaky catchy monkey 01:00:00
Plot outline plot outline tweaky tweaky
Week 30
Month 8, Week 30: Your week in view 00:05:00
Happy 30th week of novelling, motherflappers!
READ: Heart-stopping climax scenes 00:20:00
Almost there, almost there, hell yeah, it's climax time...
EXERCISE: Setting up your BIG climactic moment 00:40:00
We've been surprisingly sparse with the orgasm jokes this week, considering the whole climax thing. Maybe we're finally growing up.
EXERCISE: Quick ‘n’ dirty exercises for a satisfying climax 00:20:00
Okay we’re not even trying to make it subtle now
Week 31
Month 8, Week 31: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's goin' awwwn in week 31
READ: Elements of a good wrap up 00:25:00
Humous and veg wrap to go please!
EXERCISE: Do the old switcheroo 00:15:00
Test your ending to make sure it's the right one
A little dose of pro-pro 00:05:00
Ugh we're knackered. Let's look at some crap on the internet for a bit.
Week 32
Month 8, Week 32: Your week in view 00:05:00
Week 32? Holy shizzle. What's going down this week?
READ: Sarah and Jo’s fave endings 00:20:00
The endings to end all
EXERCISE: Tying up the loose ends? 00:40:00
Does your plot hang low, does it wobble to and fro?
Ideas! Inspo! All that good shit! 00:20:00
Is this the promised end? Or image of that horror?
Month 9: Let's take his baby to the bridge. Finish up, dust off your hands, make your plan for what to do next, drink some booze, fall over, get up, and start all over again. Well fucking done, you glorious writing beast
Week 33
Month 9, Week 33: Your week in view 00:05:00
What's coming up, what's going down
DO: Timetablywably 00:15:00
Get your final month of writing planned out.
READ: Give yourself a pat on the back 00:15:00
Can you do it with both hands at once for extra patting?
EXERCISE: Plot tweak twonk twerk 00:15:00
Plotty plotty tweaky tweaky
Week 34
Month 9, Week 34: Your week in view 00:05:00
Let's get the Week 34 party started
READ: Feeeeelings 00:25:00
Never mind your characters, how do you want your *readers* to feel?
EXERCISE: Make your character learn stuff, make your readers feel stuff 00:25:00
Get manipulative with your readers' emotions
DO: Inspiration and procrastination across the nation 00:05:00
Fall into a clickhole...
Week 35
Month 9, Week 35: Your week in view 00:05:00
The big picture - what the frick do we do now?
READ: How do you know when you’ve actually finished? 00:20:00
‘Cause sometimes it feels like the first draft just goes on and on and on…
EXERCISE: What to do once you’ve finished a first draft – Part 1 00:40:00
Things that DO NOT include writing.
EXERCISE: What to do once you’ve finished a first draft – Part 2 00:40:00
Time to do some MOAR writing!
🎉🎉 Week 36 🎉🎉
Month 9, Week 36: Your week in view 00:05:00
Last one last one last one
Debriefing 00:10:00
This is the end!
Winding Down 00:10:00
.... and breathe
Wrapping up 00:10:00
This it! Tissues at the ready!
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