Course Curriculum

Week 0: Are you ready for submission?
Are you ready for this? Huh? Huh? 00:10:00
Don’t jump the gun and submit before you’re ready.
How do you know if your manuscript is ready for submission? 00:10:00
Have you double, triple, quadruple checked it for errors? Given it to a beta reader? Well??
Exercise: buckle up and pitch your story 00:20:00
Learn how to summarise your book and show your passion for your story.
VIDEO: When and how to submit your work 00:15:00
Words of wisdom from author Paul McVeigh and literary agent Samar Hammam on getting ready to submit
How do you muster up the gumption to submit your book? 00:10:00
GET READY, PEOPLE, shit’s about to get real.
Week 1: Where the heck do you start?
What’s this submission business all about then? 00:30:00
What you need, how to present it, and who to send it to.
How do I find the right agent for my book? Part 1 00:30:00
Let us introduce you to the internet. And the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook.
VIDEO: What do agents want? 00:15:00
Literary agent Samar Hammam and award-winning author Paul McVeigh tell you what to do.
How do I find the right agent for my book? Part 2 00:30:00
Where to look for agents. Under toadstools? At the end of a rainbow? In the nether realm betwixt sleep and waking? Read on to find out...
EXERCISE: Whassit about? Who you gonna send it to? 01:00:00
Take your 60 second pitch to the forums
Week 2: The query AKA why should an agent read your book?
What’s a query and what does it do? 01:00:00
Hello Agent Person, I’ve written a rather fantastic book. Would you like to make me famous? MARVELLOUS.
EXERCISE: Sum up your book in a paragraph 00:30:00
Simple, right? Gahhhhhhh. We’re here to help.
Resources & Research 01:00:00
Learn from the mistakes of others and the advice of experts.
DISCUSS: Your blurb 01:00:00
Crowdsource advice on your blurb from The Almighty Writers’ HQ Forum
What do agents want from a query? 02:00:00
How to deal with rejection and stay positive when things are crappy. And what to do if you receive interest from an agent and/or publisher! We hope it’s the latter…
Week 3: The synopsis AKA what the heck is your story about?
Oh synopsis, why art thou a pain in my arse? 00:40:00
Let’s be frank – synopses aren’t usually particularly pretty, but they’re a necessary evil, and there ARE ways to make them not suck.
What does a synopsis even look like? 00:30:00
Examples, resources and research for your synopsis-writing brain
EXERCISES: Pull out the bare bones of your story 01:00:00
Synopsis-writing via the dot-to-dot technique.
Stuck? A few notes on synopsis technique 00:40:00
Whaddaya do when your story is non-linear? Told in multiple narratives? Just not synopsis-friendly?
DISCUSS: Synops-YES or sy-NO-psis 01:00:00
Share a draft of your synop and let the forum hordes shower you with suggestions and praise.
Week 4: The sample pages AKA how does your story begin?
How much do I send? 00:20:00
What do agents want when it comes to sample pages?
Elements of a KICKASS opening chapter 00:40:00
What makes a great novel opening and how do you grab an agent's attention?
Beware the overused novel opening… 00:30:00
What cliches make agents go 'ughhhhh' when they read sample pages?
EXERCISE: The Checklist of Preparation 01:00:00
Print off your sample pages, grab a red pen and work through The Checklist of Preparation
DISCUSS: Is this any good? 01:00:00
Share the opening page of your book on the forums. Then pick someone else’s and give feedback.
Week 5: What to do; what not to do
Whadda do? 00:30:00
All the best tips and tricks on optimising your chance of getting past the slush pile.
Whadda don’t? 00:30:00
The first rule of getting published is don’t alienate the people who are there to help you…
EXERCISE: Stand up, stand out 00:45:00
How do you make your submission stand out from the others? What’s the one shiny thing UNIQUE to you and your book?
DISCUSS: The masterplan 00:30:00
How's your submissions package coming along? Need some extra help? We're here for you, dude.
Finding your own path 00:20:00
The route to publication can be dark and full of terrors...
Week 6: What happens next?
How to deal with rejection 00:45:00
Ok, ok, breathe. It’s gonna be ok. Every writer gets rejected. You can get through this – and keep going.
What to do if an agent wants to see more 00:45:00
OMG OMG OMG stop doing the happy dance for one second and let’s make a plan.
And then…? 00:30:00
DISCUSS: Other options 01:00:00
There is another way...
We’re not done here yet – keep on keeping on 00:30:00
Get ready for the road ahead, whatever it may bring.
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