Course Curriculum

Day 0
Magical thinking FREE 00:45:00
Ideas people aren’t magic, they’re just doing something a little bit different – what is it?
Day 1
Write about what you don’t know 01:00:00
Writing about what you know doesn’t mean turning the daily tedium of your commute in to an 800 page experimental novel. With content from Costa Award-winning novelist Emma Healey.
Day 2
An author thought up a killer title, and you won’t believe what happens next 01:00:00
Can you retrofit a story idea from a cool title?
Day 3
It starts with a kiss 01:00:00
The idea is not the be-all and end-all. It’s a starting point. And big stories can come from the smallest of places. Aims: look at ways of picking ideas out of every day small things.
Day 4
More than a feeling 01:00:00
Turning your vague feelings of ennui into a killer story
Day 5
Feed your brain – ask it questions 01:00:00
Questions are a writers most powerful tool
Day 6
Big idea/small idea 01:00:00
Not every idea will end up as a full plot, but they’re still useful.
Day 7
A very tiny novel 00:30:00
Get yersen from a vague idea to a story idea
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