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Starts: 7 August 2017. Learn to see, hear and think like a writer and become an idea-generating machine.

You can learn how to see, hear and think like a writer with Writers’ HQ’s new online creative writing course, Seven Ideas in Seven Days.  Designed to fit around every day life and a busy schedule wherever you are in the world, we’ll give you techniques and exercises for generating ideas and turning them into usable outlines for brilliant stories.

*Pershwing* And as if by magic, an idea appeared. No really, that’s how it works. Ideas come from out of your brain. It’s a facetious answer, but also the correct answer. Not that it necessarily helps you much right now.

Ideas are the bedrock of story writing (OBVIOUSLY). Sometimes they come thick and fast, and sometimes they seem to languish in the dank cellar of your subconscious and refuse to come out to play.

Over the next seven days, we’ll help you feed your brain to germinate those idea-seeds. Seedy ideas? Something like that. Anyway, the course: we’ll give you techniques to spot ideas in both the fantastic and the mundane, exercises to encourage them to grow and bloom, ways to record them for when you need them, and generally help you get into the habit of THINKING.

By the end you will have: seven ideas that can be grown into fully fledged stories, or inserted into existing stories to make them even betterererer.


  • Seven ideas that you can use, grow, nurture, or throw on the floor in frustration (then pick up again and hope no one saw)
  • Daily inspiration, whip-cracking, writing exercises and prompts
  • Top tips from tip-top authors
  • A private student forum to discuss ideas, techniques and get advice from your tutors and fellow writers
  • Dedicated support by email from your fantastic tutors
  • Join the LOVELY social media community of Writers HQers


Course Curriculum

Day 0
Magical thinking FREE 00:45:00
Ideas people aren’t magic, they’re just doing something a little bit different – what is it?
Day 1
Write about what you don’t know 01:00:00
Writing about what you know doesn’t mean turning the daily tedium of your commute in to an 800 page experimental novel. With content from Costa Award-winning novelist Emma Healey.
Day 2
An author thought up a killer title, and you won’t believe what happens next 01:00:00
Can you retrofit a story idea from a cool title?
Day 3
It starts with a kiss 01:00:00
The idea is not the be-all and end-all. It’s a starting point. And big stories can come from the smallest of places. Aims: look at ways of picking ideas out of every day small things.
Day 4
More than a feeling 01:00:00
Turning your vague feelings of ennui into a killer story
Day 5
Feed your brain – ask it questions 01:00:00
Questions are a writers most powerful tool
Day 6
Big idea/small idea 01:00:00
Not every idea will end up as a full plot, but they’re still useful.
Day 7
A very tiny novel 00:30:00
Get yersen from a vague idea to a story idea

Course Reviews


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  1. brilliant

    Really loved this – going to miss it now it’s gone.

    I didn’t just get an idea that I’m excited about for my next novel, I also learnt some excellent strategies for thinking up new ideas. Sarah and Jo were helpful and supportive.

    I’ll be recommending this course to others, definitely!
    Justine x

  2. Really found this useful to do & it has stimulated my creative juices again. Look forward to doing more courses with you in future!

  3. Excellent value

    So many practical and manageable ideas to aid creativity. Invigorating and supportive.

  4. Enjoyable and illuminating

    A set of engaging exercises that kindle the spark of creativity in different ways and provide guidance in developing any raw ideas that do emerge.

    The course moves along at a brisk but manageable pace. After seven days you will likely leave with a broader perspective on the creative process, and an array of fresh approaches to apply the early stages of writing something new.

  5. Excellent Course

    7 Ideas in 7 Days exceeded my expectations. The daily exercises not only showed me ways to generate new ideas, but gave me an insight into the methods that work best for me. As a result, I ended up with a workable novel idea, and a new perspective on an existing project.

    While 7 days may seem intensive I found it easy to fit the work around everything else I had going on. It turned out to be a very small investment for a great return, and excellent value for money.

  6. Just what I needed

    Simply put, I enjoyed this week-long course. It gave me the tools to be able to generate ideas – and generate ideas from ideas. . Seeing everyone else’s work in the forums was really useful, if a little daunting – why is everyone else so clever!

  7. Just a fab way to work

    Really enjoying myself and discover so many aspects of the writing process i didn’t know or ignored. They throw you in at the deep end but best way to question your process and the way you work. We are so easily stuck in a rut. And this course is a real encouragement to define a box and then think outside it.

  8. Inspiring!

    A really varied crash course in ideas generation. It was great sharing the course with a small group of fellow students and Sarah is a wonderful course leader.
    I’ll definitely use the ideas I came up with and the techniques I learned in my writing.
    Five gold stars!

  9. Writers' Humungous Quality

    If, like me, you find that brainwaves rarely come knocking on your forehead, this course is a great way to let them in around the back, like a thief in the night, when least expected. While the time commitment is not huge, it really gets you thinking even when you’re AFK. The daily exercises are more than just a series of writing prompts – I especially loved the foray into cover art design. Above all, 7 Ideas is tons of fun. Do it!

  10. Ticked all the boxes....

    Thank you, what a great kick start to the year. Very good value, this course delivers exactly what it promises – and then some.

  11. Great fun, brilliant value for money - what's not to like?

    This was recommended by a friend on my creative writing MA. She said that she’d managed to fit it in and benefit from it at the same time as doing the MA and look after two small children, so I had to rise to the challenge!
    Despite starting it on New Year Bank Holiday Monday and thinking that it was ‘a very bad idea’ I can truthfully say that it has kickstarted my new year creative thinking in a very enjoyable way. It demands, on the face of it, an hour a day of your time, but really you can take as much or as little from it as you want. I have got pages of ideas to develop (or not) in the future, and lots of useful hints.
    So, thank you to my friend, and a big thank you to Sarah Lewis for running the course.

  12. Loads of fab ideas!

    7 ideas in 7 days is a great way to kickstart your writing year. I now have loads of new ideas to try out and techniques for generating ideas for novels. A few problems with the forums but I managed to post my comments eventually…! Highly recommended, thanks to Justine who did the course last year.


    I’d been feeling like I’d lost the ability to generate ideas but this course gave me my confidence back. You’ll get the chance to play around with some really fun exercises and just see what happens! I got at least seven really decent ideas to develop further. It’s great value for money and will really give you a great big creative kick. Five gold stars from me!

  14. Fabulous!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from seven days but was surprised by the amount of creativity sparked by the (seemingly) simple ideas. Brilliant course, whether you’re short of ideas or not, because it gets you thinking and looking at things differently. Five well-deserved gold stars from me too 🙂 Thank you!

  15. loved it - though ideas I came up with were a bit mad

    excellent content and some great feedback – even if it all got very silly from me on the writing/ideas front..

  16. More ideas than you can shake an inspiration stick at

    Fab exercises for toning up your idea muscles. A fun, inspiring week.

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