Course Curriculum

Week 1
Read: Character + Conflict = Story 00:30:00
What's the basic building block of a story and how do you make it?
Exercise: Ooh taboo! 00:30:00
Let's make it awkward
Read: Layers 00:45:00
Conflict analysis for people with no time for literary criticism
Examples: let’s read some stories 00:30:00
Productive procrastination time! Our top picks of short stories to make you FEEL
Exercise: Capture a character at bursting point 00:30:00
Time to start building your story...
Week 2
READ: Where to start. Beginning, middle or end? 00:30:00
Where does your story begin? And we don’t mean the literal beginning, we mean the ACTUAL beginning. Oh, just read the damn thing and you’ll see what we’re on about.
EXERCISE: Get in, get out 00:30:00
Arrive fashionably late, leave mysteriously early…
READ: How much can you leave out? 00:30:00
Once upon a time, stuff happened, the end.
EXAMPLES: Ready read read 01:00:00
Remembering Argos by Lee Bemrose, Glass by Roxane Gay, and The Family by Tania Hershman
EXERCISE: Time for a threeway 00:30:00
Oh my gosh, you’re making us blush. We meant take the same story and write it three different ways. YOU have a dirty mind.
Week 3
READ: Character, setting, action 00:30:00
The literary devil is in the details, yo.
EXERCISE: The past, present and future walked into a bar… 00:30:00
It was tense.
EXAMPLES: Moar reading! 00:45:00
'In This Room Where We Practice Dying Every Night' by Leesa Cross-Smith and 'The White' by Berit Ellingsen
VIDEO: Structure and experimentation 00:30:00
Sean Preston and Vanessa Gebbie scoop the dirt on story structure
EXERCISE: Don’t think. Just Write. The voice will come. 00:30:00
Let everything you've learned so far go and JUST FRICKIN' WRITE.
Week 4
READ: Character drives plot. Plot develops character. 00:30:00
How to create a realistic person in the space of a few thousand words.
EXERCISE: In which identity theft is a totally valid method of characterisation 00:30:00
Officer! Officer! Someone's stolen my personality!
EXAMPLES: Reeeeeeead 00:45:00
War Dances by Sermal Alexia and Words from a Glass Bubble by Vanessa Gebbie
READ: Character & Dialogue 00:30:00
What they say, what they want, and how they react to the shit you throw at them.
READ: Playing with status 00:00:00
Anything you can do, I can do better
Week 5
READ: Remember Week 0 (and 1, and 2, and 3, and 4…)? 01:00:00
What’s the fundamental central truth of your story? Huh? Huh?
EXERCISE: Is it worth it? 00:30:00
Let me work it, flip it and reverse it.
READ: Redrafting like a mofo 00:30:00
How does a story get from first draft to last draft?
READ: Cut the fluff 00:45:00
Re-arrange structure. Tweak the twiddly bits. Editing 101.
VIDEO: Don’t give up – find your theme 00:00:00
How to find your own little niche on the short fiction bookshelf
Week 6
READ: Sooo, there’s this great big enormous world of short fiction out there 00:30:00
And you bet your arse you’ve got a story worth publishing
EXERCISE: Find a lit mag 00:45:00
And call it home.
READ: What do editors and competition judges actually want? 00:30:00
Only your SOUL!
EXERCISE: Pick a theme, any theme 00:40:00
And use a deadline as motivation.
READ: One last treatise on short fiction 00:40:00
On getting into the routine of subbing stories, dealing with rejection, and developing your work
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