One week. 500 words. Kick your short fiction writing into action.

Writers’ HQ’s free one-week ONLINE CREATIVE WRITING COURSE means you can get going with short fiction in next to no time, wherever you are in the world.

Designed to fit around every day life and a busy schedule, we’ll get you well on your way to short story success in a matter of days.

A whistle stop romp through the anarchic world of writing short fiction where any rule is swiftly thrown to the ground and trampled under foot. How long is short fiction? What structure should I use? Can I write about cats? How do I mine the heart-wrenching fundamental human truth out of a story about wallpaper?

This Writing Short Fiction Primer will get you set up and ready get writing.

It is the precursor to our longer Writing Short Fiction course.

This is a free course but you do need to be registered on the site. If you aren’t registered, you will be prompted to set up an account when you click ‘take course’.

Course Curriculum

The what the how the who? 00:05:00
What we're doing this week and how you're going to start badass-ing your writing.
READ: Q&Ax2 00:10:00
Short stories: how long? How short? We answer the unanswerable
EXERCISE: So this one time, at bandcamp… 00:30:00
Time to get writing.
READ: Truth, lies and more truth 00:30:00
What's your story really about?
WRITE: Crack it open and see what’s inside 00:40:00
Tasty tasty nugget dipping sauce.
READ AND DO: Project Salvage 00:30:00
Knock it down, build it back up.
READ AND DO: Now the writing bit 00:45:00
Hey presto, a story.
Resources and also what next? 00:00:00
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