A little bit about you


Hannah McKinnon


Oakville, Canada



I’m Hannah, born in 1971 in Manchester, UK to British & Swiss parents. A year later they moved my older sister and I to Switzerland. Rather unsurprisingly I love mountains, chocolate and cheese… or mountains of chocolate and cheese, and my sister, of course.

My Canadian husband and I met completely by accident, way back in the dark ages of the Internet (i.e. 1999). We got married five months later – still are, and have three sons.

I was a career person for a very long time and I ended up running an IT recruitment company – right up until my husband convinced me to move to Canada in 2010. That was when I started writing.

My first women’s novel, Time After Time, was published digitally by HarperCollins UK’s brand Maze in June 2016, and I recently signed a two-book deal with the publisher MIRA. My second novel is scheduled for release in summer 2018.

I write for children too, and have a number of unpublished picture book texts, an early-grade chapter book and a middle-grade novel.

Really looking forward to these courses!

Hannah 🙂

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