3 retreats for £90


Lock in some dedicated writing time and save £15! Book three writing retreats or workshops for £90 and pick any dates at any of our retreats anywhere in the UK within a 12 month period.

Bargain or what?

This frankly awesome offer is valid for any full priced writing retreat or workshop (usually £35 each) – saving you some cash and making sure you stop f***ing around and start writing.

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Writers Retreats across the UK

At our writing retreats, you’ll spend the day in a room with a bunch of writers, limitless caffeine and no internet. We’ll help you set your personal writing goal for the day and longer term. We’ll talk about your successes and blocks. And then you write. And write. And write.

A score board, gold stars, general silliness and supportive competitiveness will help you reach your targets and break you out of your bad habits.

In short: space to write. Bliss.

Who is this for?

Our workshops and retreats are perfect for people with a project in progress that has stalled or been put aside while life takes over, or those with an idea they want to make a big start on, or those who want to drink tea and eat biscuits and write some words in a fun, supportive environment.

Each full-day session includes a tasty lunch and an endless supply of caffeine and snacks.


£90 for 3 (normal price £35)


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