Win a FREE place on Plotstormers and get your novel written

Ain’t gonna lie, writing a novel is a major undertaking. You start out with a teeny green spark of an idea and then somehow you’re meant to turn it into this 80k word beast of cohesive fiction. In fact, most people don’t get past the idea stage – the rest is just too overwhelming to consider – but not you. Nooo, YOU are strong enough and brave enough and plucky enough to learn the mystical secrets of novel writing, plonk your bum in the chair and write, write, write. And WE’RE gonna help you.

‘Cause what you really need to get that first draft down is A MASTERPLAN. And we’ve got just the thing.

The PLOTSTORMERS online course is a 6-week romp through outlining a novel, including structure, plotting, characterisation, pacing, subplots, and our super spesh Magical 16 Point Planner of Your Dreams. At the end of the course you’ll have a watertight (but flexible) plot outline to work from, and suddenly the prospect of bashing out your novel will go from ‘arg I can’t even’ to ‘heck yeah, let’s do this!’

Win a place on Plotstormers – starting August 7th 2017

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Oh, and if you’re kinda interested but not sure if this is for you, try out our free Plotstormers Primer, a little taster of what’s to come. So much free stuff! OMFG! We’re literally giving it away.


The small print:

  • The winner will get free online access to the Plotstormers I: How to Plot Your Novel course, starting Monday 7th August
  • The prize is non-transferrable (unless something drastic happens that prevents you from taking the August course, like your leg falls off or the sky collapses, in which case, we’ll probably switch you to the next round)
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What our students say:

  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    A solid foundation 5

    At the beginning of this course I had an idea for a novel that I could have comfortably written down on a single sheet of paper. Six weeks later I have a detailed narrative structure, with subplots and well-drawn characters. I have the confidence to take this outline forward and begin the actual novel writing process.
    Mark Sadler
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    I am converted 5

    Before the course, I was a solid pantser, but now I have truly seen the light. The way Sarah & Jo take you step-by-step through each stage, they make it impossible not to understand the theory of story structure and help you to put it into practice. So, after 6 short weeks (ARE THEY REALLY OVER?!), I can scarcely believe it, but I have a well-structured plan, with all the sub-plots in place, and I know what I want to happen and when. I just need to write the darned thing, now. If only they had a course for that... oh, wait a minute...
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Amazing journey of discovery 5

    I was a bit hesitant about doing an online course but I liked Writers' HQ's approach and the programme for plotstomers looked like the business. Over the last 6 weeks I have made such huge progress with novel. Really getting to grips with where story was going, characters' motivation, that thing everyone mentions called "conflict". The teaching material was excellent: just right amount and level. Support was good though I didn't really get too involved with forum discussions as my head was buried in doing the plotting homework. Feel massively more confident now about actually writing the bloody novel. Will be going on to the next stage with Writers' HQ.
    Colette Batterbee
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    The scales have truly fallen 5

    I had an idea. I wrote it out for 60k words. Someone said it was more like a short story. I was stuck. Then I discovered Writers HQ... I've found my people. This course has literally transformed my work. I now have something that actually reads like the outline for a novel. The teaching methods, materials and support (both from Sarah and Jo, and my fellow plot-a-trons) has been superb. Sensible, practical, intense, with a good splosh of anarchy. I now feel more confident about the actual writing and am also happy that the original idea holds up. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to the next course (9 month...). It'll be AWESOME!
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Highly Recommended 5

    I came to this course with the complete first draft of a novel I had already written, but which (after a year of failing to rewrite it on my own) I knew needed more than just a bit of editing to make it work. Plotstormers has been a great way of completely deconstructing what I had to begin with, and then building it up again from scratch into first four, then seven, then sixteen units. The early weeks give you a brilliant introduction to various theories of plotting, soundbites from successful authors, and links to useful blogs and resources; this part is huge fun, and the video of Kurt Vonnegut explaining the shapes of stories is absolutely priceless. When it came to the actual writing bit, Sarah and Jo provided excellent support, encouragement and incisive feedback throughout (though be warned: the swearing is contagious. You'll know you have a problem when your 2 yr old starts effing at random people in shops). In the latter weeks of the course the forums (fora?) became indispensible for sounding out ideas and identifying problems as well as helpful cameraderie. I lagged behind towards the end, but nevertheless this course has given me the boost I needed to get my novel back off the ground, or at least back onto the runway. I highly recommend it, and look forward to taking more Writers HQ courses in the near future.
    Rosemary Sgroi
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Useful Course 4

    I found the planning method taught in this course a bit of a straight-jacket in terms of developing an outline for a new idea. That said, I think it will be a useful tool to diagnose problems once I have an outline in place, so I can confidently say that this course has improved my novel planning process. I think I would recommend it to writers who have an outline they want to knock into shape, rather than idea they were trying to outline though. Using the forums was problematic, as the threads quickly became walls of text when people shared their work, which made it difficult to do a quick check-in, or participate in discussion (something I had limited time for). This was addressed part way through the course, when we were asked to make a new thread if we wanted work critiqued, and hopefully will be something that they look to improve for future offerings.
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Good stuff 5

    Excellent course. I have to say I never got the hang of the forums. But I'm probably getting old and not very online-attuned. I prefer classrooms with real people. But that's my problem, not the course's. Overall, a very good course, beautifully thought through. Recommended, even if like me you aren't too hot on the virtual side of things.
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Plotstorming is Rough....but I loved it. 5

    It took me a while to get through the course materials. Mostly because of the huge monster in my head telling me I couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't get through it. It is a testament to Sarah and Jo's skills, encouragement and general awesomeness that despite all this I kept finding my way back and eventually emerged the other side with a not just a plot, but a passion for my story that I feared was lost. The course is worth every penny, every bead of sweat and every tear. I feel like a better writer in a better position. Can't thank you guys enough!
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel


    Top notch course and the exercises are really challenging. It is hard work but it helps build a habit of writing too. I am really enjoying it a lot and surprised by how much I managed to do within those few weeks. Sarah has been an absolute brick really supportive and verifying or checking things in such a gentle and encouraging way. Go for it, you'll love it.
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Top notch 5

    I started with a beginning and an end then changed the end, twice, got the middle and finally understood what plotting is all about and what a story arc truly is. Now I see holes and have an idea of how to fill them. Great attitude to teaching from WHQ crew.
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    When there's something weird (in your story idea) and it don't look good...Who ya' gonna call? PLOTSTORMERS! 5

    Superb materials, featuring advice, ideas, exercises and tips from both Sarah and Jo, as well as a plethora of published authors, all contribute to making Plotstormers the course to take if you just don't know how the hell your hero is going to find their mentor, or which character should die next, or who should kiss who and when (bleeeurgh!) - whatever kind of novel you're wanting to write, whatever style you've had previously, the course will help to amplify, hone and refine your ideas into a coherent and detailed road map, directing you through the asteroid belt of your story! These guys rock, I had a blast and would recommend with reservation.
    Stuart White
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    Plotstormers 5

    Took me from vague idea to specific novel plan in six weeks. I don't have any writing time, but guess what - it's still possible. Supportive and clear - highly recommend.
    Stephanie Hutton
  • Plotstormers: How To Plot Your Novel

    7 Ideas in 7 Days 5

    A mysterious benefactor gives you a task a day and - shazam! - by the end of the week you're a-fizzing with ideas. Tis witchcraft. Do it.
June 23, 2017

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