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Procrastination-busting, word-writing, tea-drinking, biscuit-dunking one-day writing retreats, online and irl, all week, every week.
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Hundreds of hours of creative writing courses covering everything from starting, middling, finishing and plotting.
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Find readers, opportunities and friends, and find your writing home.
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Write the first word, then the next, then the next.
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Monthly courses

Regular free courses to wake up and shake up your writing

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Journaling with WHQ

A low pressure guide to super-chill writing

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Face off

Write, read and share brilliant flash fiction

Fantastic Course

Thoroughly excellent course. A guided tour of the first draft you thought you knew, with myriad exercises to ensure you end up knowing it better. Help to recognise its strengths, and strategies to deal with its weaknesses. Advice, support, and plain good sense. A variety of approaches, to suit different kinds of writers. By the end of the course, I was raring to go, and what’s more, I knew what I had to do to make my draft into the best book it could be.

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We’re writers too.
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We’ve been helping writers love their writing since 2012

Writers’ HQ is run by Sarah and Jo and a badass team of hand-baked writers who believe that all stories – your stories – are important and need to be told.
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writers who get it

The incredible Writers’ HQ community offers an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, step-by-step, hand-holding environment, away from tiresome literary snobbery and grammar pedantry, for the many writers out there who feel as though they don’t fit.

Got Questions?

We can answer them! Preferably writing questions, but also questions about life, taxes, and cake.

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More resources than you can shake a writing stick at

That’s a pen. A writing stick is a pen.

Troubleshoot Your Writing: Why Are You Stuck?

Fear not the stickage. Everyone hits a sticking point in their writing at some point. Hitting a sticking point does not = failure. Going through a writing drought does not mean you should give up. Realising your writing is riddled with problems does not mean it’s not redeemable. But before you can move past all…
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