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Writers’ HQ runs online creative writing courses for badass writers with no time or money, covering everything from plotting to editing, from short story writing to publishing.
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I don't like gin, swearing, or jokes forged from the depths of the Internet.
Yeah no we’re probably not for you then. Our approach isn’t for everyone (your first clue is in our logo). We swear more than is ‘ladylike’ and use gifs when we could use our words. But, eh, fuck it. We don’t believe that linguistic purity or literary snobbery does anyone any favours. If we’re not a match for you, thanks for giving us a go and good luck with your writing – we wish you every success. But if, like us, you’ve never found your rightful place in the writing world and think WHQ could be just the ticket – welcome home, come in, grab a cuppa, we’ve been waiting for you (in a totally non sinister way ofc).
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