Book 3 retreats for £99


What is this thing?

Everyone loves a discount, right? Book three retreats and we’ll whack a 10% discount on top, saving you £12.

Three retreats would normally cost you £111. We’ll only relieve you of £99 at the checkout.

How does it work?

Just stick three retreats in your basket and the discount is automatically deducted at the checkout.

What if I don’t know what dates I want?

Make your best guess and you can always move your dates at a later time. Our transfer policy is here, and just email [email protected] when you know which dates you want.

You used to have coupons. What happened to the coupons?

We’ve phased those bad boys out because they sucked and everyone hated them. If you’ve got retreats left on your coupon, you can still use it. When it runs out, just use the shiny new Auto Basket Retreat Discount Of Magic.

Anything else?

No. Go away. Stop asking us questions. Go do some writing or something.