31 Days Of Summer Writing

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Summertiiiimeeeeee, and the weather is distracting.

And there’s lots of cool things to do. And the kids are on holiday. And you don’t want to be at work because it’s hot and sticky and you’re tired and waaaa. And generally it’s really easy to let your writing fall by the wayside.

Well don’t do that, eh? Instead, join us for… 31 Days Of Summer Writing.

We’re going to kick your writerly butt, but in a more sedate, overheated, gin-and-tonics by the pool kind of way.

Anyone can join, it’s free, and it’s going to stop your writing habit from melting in the midday sun.

31 days of quick n easy exercises, pep, ideas and inspiration to keep you going until September (which is the real time for new year’s resolution as everyone knows).

Writers’ HQ Members

Memberoonies! You can play along too, plus you also get a three-part video series WRITING WITH KIDS which Sarah and Jo are filming right this second.

Writers’ HQ was borne out of needing time and space from family to write. There is very little SarJo don’t know about child-wrangling for writing time. Listen to them. They will help you carve out time and sanity from the very deepest abyss.

Wanna bag a membership spot for super spesh extras? Sign up now and get 50% off your first month as well as the extra special goodies.

All the stuff you need to know
  • Download the FREE calendar below and do what it says.
  • A WEEKLY email to keep you going
  • Follow along day-by-day or drop in throughout the month.
  • Share the free calendar or invite a friend to join you.
  • Come talk to us on the forums and we’ll help keep you going.
  • Share your progress with #31DaysOfSummerWriting @writers_hq on Twitter and @writerhq on IG.

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Day 1: Seven Ways to Keep Writing in the Summer Holidays

Day 2: Write Like a Kid

Day 3: The Art of Storytelling

Day 4: Mindful Writing (Without the Wafty Bits)

Day 5: How to Find Time to Write

Day 6: Turn a Day Out into a Story

Day 7: Storytelling Lessons from Children’s Books (VIDEO)

Day 8: Overheard Voices: Writing Meaningful Dialogue

Day 9: The Story Genius of Moana

Day 10: How to Write in 30 Second Bursts

Day 11: Give it Space: How to Grow Stories in Your Head

Day 12: The Moment You Walked in the Room

Day 13: Don’t Fear the Blank Page

Day 14: Deconstruct Your Summer Read

Day 15: Stop Reading About Being Creative and Actually Get on with Being Creative

Day 16: Location, Location, Location: Writing About Places

Day 17: Want to Keep Writing? Be More Duck

Day 18: Liminal Space

Day 19: Get Excited About Your Writing Again

Day 20: Writing Lessons from Groundhog Day

Day 21: Story Ingredients (VIDEO)

Day 22: Increments of a Story

Day 23: Writing Decongestant: 10 Ways to Unblock Writer’s Block

Day 24: Writing Hack: Harvest Your Kids’ Ideas

Day 25: Walk it Out

Day 26: The Moaning Method

Day 27: 8 Ways to Fit Writing Into Your Life (Even If You Think You Can’t)

Day 28: Get in the Writing Zone

Day 29: Writing After a Break

Day 30: Writing Exercise: Endurance

Day 31: Maximise Your Writing Time

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