5 Reasons Why Manchester Is The Place To Be For Writers


Hold on to your psychedelic seahorses, writing chums, because Writers’ HQ is coming to the great Northern powerhouse that is Manchester. So get your quill and ink pens ready, because you’re going to be doing a fuck-tonne of procrastination-free writing. Sound equal parts terrifying and exciting? Well stick around and we’ll tell you why we are so freaking excited to be heading up to Oasis-land!

1. Manchester is a UNESCO City of Literature

That’s right, shiny writers, Manchester is an actual recognised place for books and reading and writing shenanigans, making it part of the same UNESCO family that brought you such wonders as the Taj Mahal and some pie factory in Uruguay. It’s official – Manchester is the place to be if you want to be all broody and authorly and shit.

2. The Anthony Burgess Centre

Loads of writers were born and lived in Manchester: Elizabeth Gaskell, Tony Walsh, Jeanette Winterson, and now YOU. Even Anthony Burgess has his own fancy building where loads of readings and fancy literary events take place. Banging.

3. All the bookish events – for everyone!

There’s a Literature festival in Manchester that literally goes on ALL YEAR ROUND. Take that, Hay Festival! You can check out the listings here – they even offer cheap tickets for job seekers and the homeless. And that’s not even mentioning the hundreds of readings that take place around the city.

4. Places to eat cake and drink things and pretend to write books

There are loads of famous bars and cafes in Manchester’s city centre for resting your tired feet and gazing wistfully out the window whilst you quietly die inside trying to solve your latest plot bunny. The Northern Quarter has the aptly named Chapter One book café where you can even go all analogue and have a crack at a typewriter. Very Ray Bradbury!

5. You! Us! A whole day of writing!

And if all this wasn’t enough, the sweary, gin-drinking, zero-fucks-giving, procrastination-busting people that make up Writer’s HQ have prayed to the Mancunian Gods and been granted permission to set up a Manchester Writing Retreat. Don’t worry, it’ll be proper Northern, like. And you’ll get some word targets smashed. Come and join the greatness that is the Manchester writing scene!

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