5 Reasons Why Milton Keynes Is The Place To Be For Writers

MMMMmm. Kayyyyyyy. Writers’ HQ is coming at ya.

Here are 5 reasons why being a writer in Milton Keynes is the absolute best:

1. Our baby’s growing up

Compared to the other retreat cities*, Milton Keynes is a mere babe in arms: the centre only dates from the 1960s. As a result our arts and culture scene is going through, ahem, puberty… Well, what I’m trying to say is that Milton Keynes invests a lot into new talent and experiments with its emergent identity. We are having all the growth spurts with none of the awkwardness. There’s MK LitFest, IF: Milton Keynes International Festival and writing workshops galore.

2. Cultural cubbyholes

You would be forgiven for thinking that Milton Keynes means roundabouts and grid roads, but actually our individual neigbourhoods all have very distinct personalities. Little cultural cubbyholes with their very own personal narratives, just waiting to be told… [Yes, I’m looking at you.]

3. Incy wincey spider and other banging chooooons

We like to start ‘em young here. Sing-a-long and story time across our nine libraries is a MASSIVE hit or so I’ve heard.

4. Our computer’s bigger than yours

We have the best secret weapon EVERRRRRRR. Bletchley Park. Home to the Codebreakers and their effing ginormous computer, Collosus, the grounds and museum have been inspiration for countless literary works. If it’s good enough for Mr Benny Cucumberpatch, it’s good enough for me!

5. Grass, Glass, Concrete, Cow Pat

If you’ve ever bothered to open your eyes in MK, you’ll have noticed that old meets new and pastoral meets urban all over the shop. We have concrete cows for Pete’s sake**.  The overriding theme here (and for your next novel—you’re welcome) is interconnectedness. Historical towns and villages have been absorbed into the ‘new city’ and are linked by redways, canals, rivers, roads and railways. Our new MK Writers’ retreat will be hosted in Old Wolverton at The Old School House. All we need now is some new writers at our new retreat and this tenuous link is complete.

* Don’t come at me with all this MK is not a city nonsense. I know it’s technically a large town thank you very much. Shut up and have a biscuit.

** Sorry Pete, I don’t know what came over me.

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