A thing about International Women’s Day

**tl;dr 20% off everything for women today, scroll down for deets**

Hello. It’s International Why Isn’t There An International Men’s Day*, and we were going to write a blog about how 95% of people who come to our retreats and take our courses are women and how many of them feel that they shouldn’t write because it’s something that’s for them and not to do with work or looking after family or something for someone else.

And about how much they apologise for everything – ‘this probably isn’t very good but’ and ‘I probably shouldn’t even bother but’ – when actually it’s really good. And about all the loving supportive partners who say ‘but who would want to read your story?’ And about how so much of what we do is about giving tacit permission to write your fucking heart out regardless of any-bastard-thing else**.

But frankly we’re knackered from decades of trying to smash the patriarchy and getting back in the kitchen to make you a sandwich so we’re posting a bunch of mildly amusing lady jokes instead.

PS everything today is 20% off for the wimmins only because of the gender pay gap and using International Women’s Day as a cynical marketing ploy and to highlight something vaguely political and all that kind of malarkey. (Every man who says the gender pay gap doesn’t exist gets a coupon that makes everything cost 20% more.)

Just use voucher code WELLACTUALLY20 at the checkout.

Valid for 20% off writing retreats, merch, and your first month of WHQ membership, but excluding 3 for £90 retreats because you’ll bankrupt us young lady. Sorry existing members, you can’t get anything off your next month!

*Monday 19 November

**Now now pipe down at the back. This is purely empirical. You can hum and haw and well actually all you like but this is what we have seen with our own ocular-balls over the last five years.

So. Lady jokes.






20% off for the wimmins only on 8 March 2018 only. 

Just use voucher code WELLACTUALLY20 at the checkout.

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