**A Writers’ HQ Manifesto On Bad Language**

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Author: SarahWHQ

At Writers’ HQ, we often get angry messages telling us that we can’t possibly be ‘real’ writers, or that we must not be very clever, because we swear, use slang and text speak, use bad grammar, and love puns. All the puns! We’ve thought very long about this issue and have come to this conclusion:

Fuck. That. Noise. 

Writers’ HQ celebrates all language, no matter how many mistakes you make, no matter how much you bastardise it, no matter what dialect you speak, no matter how much you swear, and no matter what learning or cognitive difficulty you have.

We give literally zero fucks if you know how to use literally correctly, if you can spell, if you understand basic sentence construction or if you want to use text speak. We care not the slightest hoot for linguistic purity.

We embrace the rapid evolution of language the Internet has brought with it, and the casual evolution of language over time.

For us, the beauty of stories and words lie not in holding them static to some assumed ideal but in their mutability and complex meanings. We believe emojis and memes are as valid a form of communication as RP.

As writers of fiction, we just care about telling stories and think every person – no matter what background – should have a platform to tell it.

We won’t let anyone bully you here, just because you occasionally mix up a homophone, get confused by conjugation or simply DGAF. Just tell your story. We’ve got your back.

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