About Writers’ HQ

Writers’ HQ runs affordable creative writing courses, retreats and workshops for kickass writers who just want to get the fuck on with it.

We’ve been helping writers love their writing and finish their stories since 2012.


Writers’ HQ is run by Sarah Lewis and a team of badass hand-baked writers who believe that all stories – your stories – deserve to be told.

What started life as a handful of scruffy, sweary writers desperately trying to make time and space to write has grown into the most word-slinging, tea-drinking, story-writing, biscuit-dunking, procrastination-busting, support-giving writing community around, with thousands of writers getting their words onto paper and into the world.

We’re here for any writer who feels like they don’t fit in other literary spaces, and who needs time, space and friends to help develop their writing.

We might be kinda accidentally big now, but our mission is the same as ever: to change the world for the better by telling the stories that matter.

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