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Roll up roll up! Get your Flash Face Off prompts for the week starting Monday 8 June 2020 here.

Bedtime Stories From the Mountain

Bedtime stories from the mountain for anyone who needs a bit of gentle soothing. Readings from Rilke’s The Hours every night from Monday 30 March

31 Days Of Summer Writing

Summertiiiimeeeeee, and the weather is distracting. And there’s lots of cool things to do. And the kids are on holiday. And you don’t want to be at work because it’s…

5 Reasons Why Brighton Is The Place To Be For Writers

Brighton writers’ retreat: the biznitch for word-pushers Hey. You. Brighton writer. What’s good? 1. Coffee shops Many of Brighton’s digital freelancer open plan flexible working spaces also serve coffee to…


New Year’s Resolutions are slippery little bastards, aren’t they? We make these grand promises at the beginning of the year, full of good intentions, and by the end of January…

**A Writers’ HQ Manifesto On Bad Language**

At Writers’ HQ, we often get angry messages telling us that we can’t possibly be ‘real’ writers, or that we must not be very clever, because we swear, use slang and text speak, use bad grammar, and love puns. We’ve thought very long about this issue and have come to this conclusion:

A thing about International Women’s Day

Please don’t expect a detailed critique of International Women’s Day. We’re knackered from decades of trying to smash the patriarchy and getting back in the kitchen to make you a sammich so you get a special offer and some mildly amusing jokes.

How Not To Write A Novel #1

Need a break from your WIP? Yeah don’t we all. There’s plenty of ways you can be writing when you’re not writing though, so how’s about some productive procrastination on…

Wall of Fame: November 2017 Edition

It’s November! It’s Writers’ HQ! And have we got a Wall of Fame for you! Strap yourself in, tie yourself up and get ready for a superlative, another superlative and…