Bedtime Stories From the Mountain

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You guys. We are living in bizarre, unprecedented, and incredibly anxiety-inducing times…

Are you feeling a bit… delicate right now? A bit… wow, this is a whole thing, isn’t it? A bit… can someone please wrap me up in a blanket until this is all over?

Yeeeah. Us too.

So we figured what we all need is a nice, gentle, soul-enriching, virtual hug of a bedtime story.

Luckily, we happen to be friends with a gloriously calming mountain monk who has offered to help us out, and she and Sarah will be reading from Rilke’s The Hours every night next week to sooth your bits and bobs.

Join us (it’s free, duh!) on Crowdcast at 9pm (GMT) from Mon 30th March – Fri 3rd April.

All you need to do is register your place on the date(s) of your choice, tuck yourself up in a big blanket, and chill out.


What: Bedtime stories from the mountain for anyone who needs a bit of gentle soothing. (While this one’s aimed at adults, kids are more than welcome – we will do our very best not to swear.)

Where: Crowdcast. No download needed, just log in. Links to be posted as they become available.

When: 9pm – 10pm GMT

Register for Monday 30 March >>

Register for Tuesday 31 March >>

Register for Wednesday 1 April >>

Register for Thursday 2 April >>

Register for Friday 3 April >>

(P.S. if you’re not able to watch live, register for a place and you can watch playback at any time)

Who: Your storytellers are: Emma Wallace, our resident mountain monk, and Sarah Lewis, one large-haired half of Writers’ HQ.

Why: ‘Cause this world is a bit much right now and poetry (and community) is the salve.

P.P.S. Because of GDPR bollocks we’re not able to just whack you onto our mailing list because you’ve signed up for one of our Crowdcast events, but if you’d like to stay updated with the next random nice thing we decide to do, please consider signing up to our newsletter.

Your storytellers:

Emma Wallace is an interfaith, self-ordained queer monk, artist and writer. She is a founder member of the Queer Bloomsbury Group for the Charleston Trust, part of the AlterEgo network of visionaries, influencers and activists in culture and politics, and a founder member of the interfaith and vision-sensing groups of the global non-violent movement, Extinction Rebellion. She hosts, weaves and supports gatherings, actions and individuals in the holy work of transforming cultures and preserving sacred ways of life.

Emma is the founder and anchorite of a radical new monastic community in the French Pyrenees, Refugi.



Sarah Lewis is one half of Writers’ HQ. Small in size. Big in hair. Writes things, sometimes real, sometimes not. Constantly trying to escape her family to write while simultaneously reaching new heights of procrastination. Sarah writes endlessly and is never satisfied. She delivers your weekly dose of philosophical mind-massage via the WHQ newsletter, and has been trying to save the world for at least 15 years – first as an eco-journalist and now as purveyor of stories. Last year she brought together thirty-three authors to write The Story at the End of the World: an exploration of climate change, fear, and hope. Read all about it here


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