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Bedtime Stories From the Mountain

Bedtime stories from the mountain for anyone who needs a bit of gentle soothing. Readings from Rilke’s The Hours every night from Monday 30 March

Writers’ HQ Flash Quarterly – FINAL RESULTS

  Drum. Roll. Please. Louder. Faster. Harder. Yes. After many long nights of heated discussion, razor-sharp literary discourse, fierce-but-polite disagreement, and an eventual unanimous coming together of minds, our judges…

Writing Competitions & Opportunities – March 2020

March on, fine writer, left, right, left, right, onward to publication! We’ve compiled over ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY (whhhhaaaat?) writing competitions, opportunities and contests with deadlines in March for you…


New year! New decade! (jk, pedants, that’s next year) Twenty. Twenty. Motherflippers. You know what that means?* It means we all have perfect 20:20 vision now, that’s just the LAW…

What To Do With A First Draft

  Whether you’ve just smashed NaNoWriMo in record time, or have been slogging out this novel for a decade, reaching the end of a first draft is a huge great…

Fill the World With Words

  Oh hey. Feeling the capitalist ennui? Yeah. Us too. Want to do something bookish and lovely and literary that helps to save the world instead of throwing cash at…



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