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Editing, Short fiction
Editing short fiction (or any writing for that matter) requires an objective eye and some brave decision making – here’s how to do it.
Need help with editing your precious words? Learn from the greats and find an editing method that works for you and your writing.
Editing, Novel writing
It’s SUPER hard to look objectivity at your own work. So how do you get the distance you need to really hone your story?
Editing, Get published, Novel writing
Expert tips and tricks on editing and fine-tuning your novel
Editing, Productivity
Well hey there. Who’s ready for some tough talk about how setting yourself up for failure can be one of the most helpful approaches to writing? Yes! Failure! One of the most useful experiences an artist can ever ha
Editing, Productivity
Frustrated af with your writing? Stuck? Hit a wall? Feeling totally meh about the whole thing? Looking for a way out of the world of sticky writing blockages? (ew) Ok, how’s about an internet-attention-span-fr
Editing, Novel writing, Productivity
Fear not the stickage. Everyone hits a sticking point in their writing at some point. Hitting a sticking point does not = failure. Going through a writing drought does not mean you should give up. Realising your writing
Editing, Novel writing
How to engineer a big satisfying payoff for your story with some subtle seeding…
Editing, Novel writing
Organise your shit, overcome the overwhelm, and finish your dang book.
Editing, Novel writing
Sometimes royally screwing with your plot is the only way to fix it…
Editing, Novel writing, Productivity
There comes a time in every writer’s life when you have to make a big decision about whether to give up on a piece of work or keep slogging on. To write, or not to write, that is the agonising question. Maybe you&#
Editing, Get published, Novel writing, Short fiction
So your mum read your magnum opus and she thinks it’s great. It’s time to go looking for an agent, right? Not so fast. Unless your mum is brutally honest, reads the genre you write and/or is a writer herself, you nee

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