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Writing exercise, Novel writing, Short fiction
How can alt text help you develop your descriptive writing skills?
Novel writing
Learn how to plot a novel with a whole heap of techniques, resources and flexible approaches to outlining your story – your way.
Novel writing
Writing a romance novel? Find out why the happily ever after is so important to your story (and your heart).
Writing exercise, Novel writing, Short fiction
How do you get to the heart of your story?
Get published, Novel writing
Get inside the head of a real life literary agent (the lovely Samar Hammam) to find out what they want from your book!
Editing, Novel writing
It’s SUPER hard to look objectivity at your own work. So how do you get the distance you need to really hone your story?
Editing, Get published, Novel writing
Expert tips and tricks on editing and fine-tuning your novel
Novel writing, Productivity
Writing takes a village… Cast off the idea of the solo tortured writer genius and get a little help from your friends.
Novel writing, Short fiction
From space opera to slipstream, Krishan Coupland runs us through the many speculative sub-genres.
Get published, Novel writing
A sensitivity reader is someone who reads over a manuscript for any potentially insensitive issues that may crop up in your writing.
Novel writing, Short fiction
Stephanie Carty talks all about character psychology to help you create realistic fictional humans.
Novel writing, Short fiction
How to nail that action scene and build up tension, no matter what genre you write.

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