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Short fiction
Five brilliant short stories that make us go oooh and aaaah and weeeeeee and do that thing to our guts like *whomp*. So. Go read. Get your heart ripped out. Yeah!
Short fiction
A whole bunch of wintery stories to help you through this most joyous and also unjoyous of seasons
Short fiction
Brilliant climate change short stories to sooth (or exacerbate) your existential crisis
Short fiction
Yeet your Birkenstocks, pull on your hand-knitted socks, get yourself under a blanket and snuggle up with some melancholy, wistful, beautiful and just plain weird-ass short stories.
Writing exercise, Short fiction
Write your way through the winter darkness with this warm ‘n’ glowy exercise.
Productivity, Short fiction
Write. Submit. Repeat. And make a commitment to hurlng your writing out into the world this year.
Writing exercise, Novel writing, Short fiction
How can alt text help you develop your descriptive writing skills?
Short fiction
Jump into the world of flash fiction with a free flash fiction course, writing exercises, resources, techniques and a live spoken word event!
Writing exercise, Short fiction
10 great Discworld quotes that also make inspiring story starters.
Editing, Short fiction
Editing short fiction (or any writing for that matter) requires an objective eye and some brave decision making – here’s how to do it.
Get published, Short fiction
Accessible Submissions For All – an interview with Northern Gravy on submission fees, inclusivity, and fair payment for writers.
Short fiction
How do you write a strong piece of flash fiction? Well, you’re gonna need two important story ingredients…

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