Fear and failure

Break Through the (Writing) Blockage

Frustrated af with your writing? Stuck? Hit a wall? Feeling totally meh about the whole thing? Looking for a way out of the world of sticky writing blockages? (ew) Ok, how’s…

**A Writers’ HQ Manifesto On Bad Language**

At Writers’ HQ, we often get angry messages telling us that we can’t possibly be ‘real’ writers, or that we must not be very clever, because we swear, use slang and text speak, use bad grammar, and love puns. We’ve thought very long about this issue and have come to this conclusion:

How To Cope With Rejection

In the latest instalment of our Fear & Failure series, here’s a little treatise on REJECTION and how ‘no’ does NOT mean ‘you’re a terrible writer, you might as well…

5 Ways To Recover From A Knock-back

For the latest dose of pep-talking in our Fear & Failure series, WHQ Birmingham writing retreat rep Karen Miller offers up some gentle words of wisdom to those of you feeling…