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Tackling the first draft of a novel is an epic endeavour and we are here to help you over that literary mountain! Make solid progress, troubleshoot your plotholes and get to the end.


Let's dive in!

Give it space - how to grow stories in your head
Give it space: How to grow stories in your head
5 tips for first draft triumph - get those words out!
5 Tips for First Draft Triumph
The First Draft - a comprehensive guide
The First Draft
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Get to know your characters

Writing strong characters - who are they and what do they want?
Writing Strong Characters
The fundamental human truth - what's at the heart of your story?
The Fundamental Nugget of Human Truth
Making people - how to create a person with your brain
Making People
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Stay motivated

Get in the writing zone - find your sweet spot
Get in the writing ZONE
Couch to 5K Words - level up your word count!
Couch To 5k Words
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Hit a plot hole? Troubleshoot Your Novel
Troubleshoot Your Novel
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