Christmas at Writers’ HQ


Writing is hard

But you know that because you love a writer

And they drive you insane (with their impatience and infuriating stubborness and impossible self-set deadlines and obsessive stationery purchasing)

This Christmas, help them get shit done.

Gift them a writers’ retreat or online writing course and bring joy to their crazy, over-caffeinated hearts.

  • Christmas? UNDER CONTROL

  • Chunukah? SORTED

  • Festivus? WE GOT YOU
  • Awkward birthdays too close to Christmas? AWW YEAH!

  • Want to avoid over-commercialised plastic bullshit and get a present to remember instead? WE’RE WHOLESOME AND SOUL-NOURISHING AND WORLD-SAVING ALL IN ONE LOVELY, SWEARY PACKAGE

Stop them fart-arsing about

Bag the writer in your life a spot on one of our famous, one-day, procrastination-busting, word-writing, biscuit-eating retreats.

A mere £37

Point them in the right direction

Wang the writer in your life a place on one of our five-star, kick-arse, get-it-written online creative writing courses and help them make some serious progress.

From £20

Sweary, motivational tat

We’ve got notepads! We’ve got tote bags! Everything your writer needs to write words, and carry things.

From £6.95 (plus p&p)


Sign your favourite writer-faced person up for a WHQ membership and just watch them morph into a powerful literary being…

From £10 (first month half price!)

We’re writers too. We get how it works.

Writers’ HQ has been helping writers get to the finish line and beyond since 2012.

And we’ve also been helping friends and families of writers find two seconds peace from living with with an angst-fuelled neurotic.

Fuck yeah!

Love for Writers’ HQ

I started with a beginning and an end then changed the end, twice, got the middle and finally understood what plotting is all about and what a story arc truly is. Now I see holes and have an idea of how to fill them. Great attitude to teaching from WHQ crew.



Amazing journey of discovery ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I was a bit hesitant about doing an online course but I liked Writers’ HQ’s approach and the programme for plotstomers looked like the business. Over the last 6 weeks I have made such huge progress with novel. Really getting to grips with where story was going, characters’ motivation, that thing everyone mentions called “conflict”. The teaching material was excellent: just right amount and level. Support was good though I didn’t really get too involved with forum discussions as my head was buried in doing the plotting homework. Feel massively more confident now about actually writing the bloody novel. Will be going on to the next stage with Writers’ HQ.

Colette Batterbee


Loved it – though ideas I came up with were a bit mad ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Excellent content and some great feedback – even if it all got very silly from me on the writing/ideas front..


Seven Ideas In Seven Days

Fantastic reminder of why I write ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Writing has stopped being fun and working through this course has reminded me of the good parts, that I actually love this thing called writing. It’s given me practical ways to get back into writing and I’ve opened up my manuscript again and written for the first time in ages.

Claire Wade

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