Christmas at Writers’ HQ


Writing is hard

But you know that because you love a writer

And they drive you insane (with their impatience and infuriating stubborness and impossible self-set deadlines and obsessive stationery purchasing)

This Christmas, help them get shit done.

Gift them a writers’ retreat or online writing course and bring joy to their crazy, over-caffeinated hearts.

  • Christmas? UNDER CONTROL

  • Chunukah? SORTED

  • Festivus? WE GOT YOU
  • Awkward birthdays too close to Christmas? AWW YEAH!

  • Want to avoid over-commercialised plastic bullshit and get a present to remember instead? WE’RE WHOLESOME AND SOUL-NOURISHING AND WORLD-SAVING ALL IN ONE LOVELY, SWEARY PACKAGE

Stop them fart-arsing about

Bag the writer in your life a spot on one of our famous, one-day, procrastination-busting, word-writing, biscuit-eating retreats.

A mere £35

Point them in the right direction

Wang the writer in your life a place on one of our five-star, kick-arse, get-it-written online creative writing courses and help them make some serious progress.

From £20

Sweary, motivational tat

We’ve got mugs! We’ve got notepads! We’ve got tote bags! Everything your writer needs to imbine caffeine, write words, and carry things.

From £6.95 (plus p&p)


Festive gift packs for people who can’t decide. Mugs, notepads, bags AND gift vouchers all together in one lovely pressie kind of thing.

From £40 (plus p&p)

We’re writers too. We get how it works.

Writers’ HQ has been helping writers get to the finish line and beyond since 2012.

And we’ve also been helping friends and families of writers find two seconds peace from living with with an angst-fuelled neurotic.

Fuck yeah!

Love for Writers’ HQ

Clear and concise ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve played around with writing short stories for a while, but this course really helped me understand them. It covers all the little techniques and tools needed to craft a really solid story. Even if you’d done other short story courses, I would recommend this one. The course is easy to understand with lots of fantastic examples to help cement your learning. The exercises are thought-provoking and enjoyable. Each section is broken into smaller sections to fit into a busy lifestyle. And the people are lovely too!


Writing Short Fiction

Fabulous! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I wasn’t sure what to expect from seven days but was surprised by the amount of creativity sparked by the (seemingly) simple ideas. Brilliant course, whether you’re short of ideas or not, because it gets you thinking and looking at things differently. Five well-deserved gold stars from me too ???? Thank you!

Hannah McKinnon

Seven Ideas In Seven Days


I got more out of this course than all of the other ones I’ve done put together, and I’ve done lots and have been to some prestigious places that live off their puffery and fame but what they offer in terms of proper skills and help, simply doesn’t touch this. Plotstormers II, has been enormously enlightening and empowering and deeply generous, thanks so much Jo and & Sarah, you ROCK. I have already sung its praises among writer friends; two of whom are signing up pronto and I have only hesitated from trumpeting about it on SM, for fear that all WRITERSHQ courses would, subsequently, be swamped and then there would be no room for liddle ‘ole me! I will get over myself – promise.

Stephanie Gerra

Plotstormers II: The Editing Strikes Back

Highly Recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I came to this course with the complete first draft of a novel I had already written, but which (after a year of failing to rewrite it on my own) I knew needed more than just a bit of editing to make it work. Plotstormers has been a great way of completely deconstructing what I had to begin with, and then building it up again from scratch into first four, then seven, then sixteen units. The early weeks give you a brilliant introduction to various theories of plotting, soundbites from successful authors, and links to useful blogs and resources; this part is huge fun, and the video of Kurt Vonnegut explaining the shapes of stories is absolutely priceless. When it came to the actual writing bit, Sarah and Jo provided excellent support, encouragement and incisive feedback throughout (though be warned: the swearing is contagious. You’ll know you have a problem when your 2 yr old starts effing at random people in shops). In the latter weeks of the course the forums (fora?) became indispensible for sounding out ideas and identifying problems as well as helpful cameraderie. I lagged behind towards the end, but nevertheless this course has given me the boost I needed to get my novel back off the ground, or at least back onto the runway. I highly recommend it, and look forward to taking more Writers HQ courses in the near future.

Rosemary Sgroi