Christmas at Writers’ HQ


Writing is hard

But you know that because you love a writer

And they drive you insane (with their impatience and infuriating stubborness and impossible self-set deadlines and obsessive stationery purchasing)

This Christmas, help them get shit done.

Gift them a writers’ retreat or online writing course and bring joy to their crazy, over-caffeinated hearts.

  • Christmas? UNDER CONTROL

  • Chunukah? SORTED

  • Festivus? WE GOT YOU
  • Awkward birthdays too close to Christmas? AWW YEAH!

  • Want to avoid over-commercialised plastic bullshit and get a present to remember instead? WE’RE WHOLESOME AND SOUL-NOURISHING AND WORLD-SAVING ALL IN ONE LOVELY, SWEARY PACKAGE

Stop them fart-arsing about

Bag the writer in your life a spot on one of our famous, one-day, procrastination-busting, word-writing, biscuit-eating retreats.

A mere £35

Point them in the right direction

Wang the writer in your life a place on one of our five-star, kick-arse, get-it-written online creative writing courses and help them make some serious progress.

From £20

Sweary, motivational tat

We’ve got mugs! We’ve got notepads! We’ve got tote bags! Everything your writer needs to imbine caffeine, write words, and carry things.

From £6.95 (plus p&p)


Festive gift packs for people who can’t decide. Mugs, notepads, bags AND gift vouchers all together in one lovely pressie kind of thing.

From £40 (plus p&p)

We’re writers too. We get how it works.

Writers’ HQ has been helping writers get to the finish line and beyond since 2012.

And we’ve also been helping friends and families of writers find two seconds peace from living with with an angst-fuelled neurotic.

Fuck yeah!

Love for Writers’ HQ

Top notch course and the exercises are really challenging. It is hard work but it helps build a habit of writing too. I am really enjoying it a lot and surprised by how much I managed to do within those few weeks. Sarah has been an absolute brick really supportive and verifying or checking things in such a gentle and encouraging way. Go for it, you’ll love it.



Now I am a Plotstormer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love this course. So much great actionable advice on how to plot a novel, starting from 50,000 feet up and getting closer and closer until you’re at ground level….I was struggling with a novel I’ve been wanting to write for years now – have charged into NaNoWriMo every November for the last four years, hoping to get ‘er done, and with the exception of one year (in which I got 50,000 words of…backstory!), I’ve stumbled out of the gate and never hit the final target for the month. This year I’m more hopeful – because I have a much better idea of where I’m going with the story. This was something I hadn’t taken the time to think about in advance. Now I have, and I realize that was the missing piece – now I know what I want to do, I know things may change along the way, but I also know I have my Magical 16-Point Plot Planner lurking in the background of my files, waiting to rescue me – or to be adapted to fit the story as things morph and change. And it’s been great hanging out with other writers who are working out their plots as well – seeing the process and how it’s working for other people – getting to contribute to their work and getting their wonderful suggestions and help for my own. All hail Plotstormers! I’ll be using what I’ve learned over and over and over….


Mary Taslimi


A solid foundation ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
At the beginning of this course I had an idea for a novel that I could have comfortably written down on a single sheet of paper. Six weeks later I have a detailed narrative structure, with subplots and well-drawn characters. I have the confidence to take this outline forward and begin the actual novel writing process.

Mark Sadler


I started with a beginning and an end then changed the end, twice, got the middle and finally understood what plotting is all about and what a story arc truly is. Now I see holes and have an idea of how to fill them. Great attitude to teaching from WHQ crew.