Flash Face Off

Flash Face Off

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It's Flash Face Off's FOURTH BIRTHDAY! Come join us for a mega celebration spoken word live reading shenanigans 🎉


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Fri, 26 April 2024
08:00 pm


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It’s Flash Face Off's fourth birthday this month and we will be hosting a very special open mic hoedown to celebrate… country style! 

Grab your steeds, Cowboys, Cowgals and Cowpals, and hustle on down to Flashy Kathy’s big red barn for a fabulous evening of good ole country hospitality! 

Bring along a fresh baked cherry pie, your dancing shoes and your favourite hillbilly cousin and get ready for some foot stompin, fiddle playing, hog roastin, rootin tootin festivities. 

Don’t forget to wear your best hat and breeches folks, we’ll have prizes for best dressed king and queen of the barn! 
And finally make sure ya’ll bring a story to read too. 

Yeehaw! Have fun! 🎉

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