The Trash Cat Lit Flash Face Off Launch Party

The Trash Cat Lit Flash Face Off Launch Party

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It’s the famous Flash Face Off open mic night with added Trash Cat Lit!


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Fri, 24 May 2024
08:00 pm


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This is not just Flash Face Off, this is the Trash Cat Lit Flash Face Off launch party! Say waaaaaay?!

Trash Cat is a brand new lit mag launched by our very own flash superstar JP Relph and supported by the WHQ flashing inner sanctum Jo Clark, Sarah Royston, Mathew Gostelow and Terry Holland.

It's an amazing achievement born from years of hard work toiling at the flashy coal face and we are so so so so proud of the gang.

Come celebrate the birth of this brand new repository for treasured words and unexpected gems. 

Want to read? Get on the Flash Face Off forums as per. See ya there. Mwa. 

Find Trash Cat Lit here >>

And your Flash Face Off prompts >>

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