Characterisation Workshop with Alice Slater

Characterisation Workshop with Alice Slater

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How can we make our characters three-dimensional, memorable and believable? With Alice Slater


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Alice Slater


Mon, 3 June 2024
07:00 pm  - 08:00 pm



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How can we make our characters three-dimensional, memorable and believable?

Bring your characters to life on the page with a fun, chatty workshop with Alice Slater. We’ll discuss voice, mannerisms, motivation, the internal vs the external, desires – and delusions. 

About Write A Novel Month

Writing a novel is hard. So let’s do it together!

Throughout June, the Writers’ HQ Write A Novel Month will give you the opportunity to explore everything you need to know about novel writing, from drafting, characterisation, editing and everything in between.

We’ll go deep and broad into craft and practice and we’re also going to challenge you to write a wild draft – that’s 1,000 words a day for the entire month of June and see what comes out the other side.

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Alice Slater

Alice Slater spent six years working as a bookseller with Waterstones. Her debut novel Death of a Bookseller was an instant Sunday Times bestseller, and has been longlisted for the Specsavers Crime Fiction Debut Award, Debut Crime Book of the Year at the Fingerprint Awards and the Authors’ Club Best First Novel. 

She lives on the edge of Epping Forest with her husband, her small white dog and a lot of books. 

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