Write A Novel In 60 Minutes

Write A Novel In 60 Minutes

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An absolutely absurd workshop in which we super speed through your entire novel in one hour. Hilarious, ridiculous, surprisingly helpful.


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Sarah Lewis


Thu, 6 June 2024
07:00 pm  - 08:00 pm



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Let’s skip the part where you spend years working on your literary masterpiece.

We'll do it in an hour instead. 

A madcap whistle-stop tour of storytelling, originally designed for kids but eventually co-opted by adults because we should be allowed to play too. 

Discover the shape of all most stories, how to make your stories awesome, and how to turn your vague aesthetic into something story shaped in double-quick time. 

Bring paper, pencils, coloured pens, stickers and googly eyes! (Or just bring yourself and your wild imaginatation. It's all gravy). 

Who You Are

  • A writer who doesn't take themselves too seriously and isn't expecting to actually write an 80,000 word novel in an hour!
  • A writer who wants to play around with an idea but isn't sure where to start
  • A newbie who wants a fun challenge
  • An oldbie who is inteterested in new ways of doing things
  • A WHQ regular who knows exactly what mayhem to expect and is along for the ride

What You'll Get

The very best framework for taking a story idea and running with it, and the starting point of an exciting new story.

What You'll Learn

  • How to construct a character with basic conflict in about six minutes 
  • What makes stories go in a story direction and what keeps readers reading
  • How to take any idea and turn it into a story shape
  • Why googly eyes are the bedrock of all good storytelling

About Write A Novel Month

Writing a novel is hard. So let’s do it together!

Throughout June, the Writers’ HQ Write A Novel Month will give you the opportunity to explore everything you need to know about novel writing, from drafting, characterisation, editing and everything in between.

We’ll go deep and broad into craft and practice and we’re also going to challenge you to write a wild draft – that’s 1,000 words a day for the entire month of June and see what comes out the other side.

Find out more about Write A Novel Month here >>


About your host / hosts

Sarah Lewis

Sarah is an award-winning writer and the founder of Writers' HQ, which was birthed from her own struggles to sit down and write. She has dedicated the last decade to making other people sit down and write. She is extremely good at it.

She is obsessed with fiction about climate change that isn't miserable and how to imagine a future that's good, actually. 

She also writes a lot of short third person bios about herself and it's getting weird now. 

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