Five Ways to Successfully Pants Your Way Through a Novel

Five Ways to Successfully Pants Your Way Through a Novel

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What if you could keep pantsing your novel but do it better? We can help! With Mallika Narayanan


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Mallika Narayanan


Tue, 18 June 2024
07:00 pm  - 08:00 pm



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Are you a natural pantser using “how to write a novel” material crafted by plotters? Or a plotter looking for a new approach to novel writing? Welcome. You’re in the right place. This webinar will help you to unpack the pantsing process as a creative cycle; discover where and how to begin; find inspiration to create an organic flow of storytelling; connect with your characters and story on the level of emotion and intuition, and work with methods and tools to keep writing until you’ve created a story.

Who You Are

  • A plotter who wants to chill tf out a bit
  • A pantser who gets lost too easily in the story mire
  • Any writer who wants to shake up their process

What You'll Get

An hour long interactive workshop with WHQer and novelist Mallika Narayanan exploring new ways of pantsing your novel

What You'll Learn

  • What your process is and isn't and how to harness the power of pantsing for good
  • How to keep on going and not burn out after the initial excitement
  • Skills and tools to support your practice

About Write A Novel Month

Writing a novel is hard. So let’s do it together!

Throughout June, the Writers’ HQ Write A Novel Month will give you the opportunity to explore everything you need to know about novel writing, from drafting, characterisation, editing and everything in between.

We’ll go deep and broad into craft and practice and we’re also going to challenge you to write a wild draft – that’s 1,000 words a day for the entire month of June and see what comes out the other side.

Find out more about Write A Novel Month here >>


About your host / hosts

Mallika Narayanan

Mallika is a writer and digital artist based in Pennsylvania. Her flash and micro fiction stories are featured online and in print in Ellipsis ZineBath Flash FictionNoctivagant Press, and elsewhere. Her work has been longlisted and shortlisted for various prizes including the Bath Flash Fiction Prize, the Retreat West Flash Fiction Prize, and the Fractured Lit Micro Fiction Prize. Her critically acclaimed thriller IN THE DARK I SEE YOU debuted in October of 2023.

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