Writing For Neurospicies: Behavioural Neuroscience Edition

Writing For Neurospicies: Behavioural Neuroscience Edition

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The second in our Writing For Neurospicies series, with cognitive neuropsychologist Dr Soracha Cashman and WHQ chief buttkicker Sarah Lewis


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Soracha Cashman

Sarah Lewis


Thu, 22 August 2024
07:00 pm  - 08:00 pm BST


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How do you write when you've got bees in your head? 🐝

Back for a second round of Writing with Neurospicies after all the love for the first workshop, this is a session for all non-neurotypical writers who find all the usual strategies for getting stuff done just do. not. work.

Join WHQ chief buttkicker Sarah Lewis in conversation with Dr Soracha Cashman, cognitive neuropsychologist, NHS clinical supervisor, WHO consultant, and an experienced neurodivergence coach. 

We'll be talking to Soracha about her work supporting neurodivergent creatives and grilling her for strategies and ideas to continue our mission to co-create a deep and broad basket of resources for all brains.

The workshop will begin with a short interview, and then open up to the audience to ask Soracha advice about specific issues. Bring your question on the night, or email sarah@writershq.co.uk your question ahead of time.

NOTE: This is a fully inclusive workshop. You don't need a formal diagnosis, you don't have to tell us your particular flavour of spice, and we even welcome normies.

The webinar will have captions and be available on replay after the event. 

What We'll Explore

🌶️ The neuroscience of neurodivergence (not all of it! We're not doing a PhD in one hour!)

🌶️ How to use your unique skills to work in your favour

🌶️ Anything you want! This is an open Q&A with a specialist to help guide you towards what you need

Who You Are

A neurodivergent writer who's fed up with being told "just write a list". You want to find better ways of working so you're not constantly in a hyperfocus-burnout cycle, and you want to get your goddamn story written.

What You'll Get

Support to help you with your executive function struggles, ideas about better ways of working, a framework for moving forwards, and a community of neuro-writers in a very similar boat to you.

About your host / hosts

Soracha Cashman

Soracha Cashman is a cognitive neuropsychologist, NHS clinical supervisor, WHO consultant, and an experienced neurodivergence coach. Soracha is fascinated by the plasticity of the brain that allow us to rewire our thinking, modify our behaviours, and re-chart our futures.

Soracha has a no-nonsense approach that facilitates direct, frank, and emotionally honest discussions. She guides people to better metacognitive self-awareness; allowing them to identify and understand their executive function deficits more clearly, and learn how to better access internal resources to flip the narrative and apply neuro-informed techniques more effectively.

Neurospicy herself, Soracha was raised by a poet and a publisher, and has always had an interest in the written word. She is delighted to be supporting Writers HQ.

On her days off, you'll find her swimming off the coast of Anglesey with her dog, overusing commas in her journal, or working on the never-ending conversion that is her campervan! 

Sarah Lewis

Sarah is an award-winning journalist and writer-of-many-other-things-too. She is the director of Writers' HQ, which was birthed from Sarah's own struggles to sit down and write, and she has dedicated the last decade to making other people sit down and write. She is extremely good at it. After extensive neuro-vibe coaching and therapy she's also finally getting better at sitting down and doing her own writing. Yay. She is neurospicey as fuck, with more letters in her diagnoses than in her name.

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