Competition Announcement: The Long & The Short Of It

Look! Look! Our competition long- and shortlist are here! Run down the hall like teens in a school-based American sitcom to see if your name’s pinned the the noticeboard! Punch the air in triumph! Or go and punch a locker in frustration (no, don’t do that, go and have a quiet cup of contemplative tea and write a brand new story – ONWARDS!).

We had a gazillion(ish) entries, and deciding on the long- and shortlist has caused weeks of WhatsApp bickering between Sarah and Jo. Honestly – we know all competition judges say “it was a really tough decision” but IT REALLY WAS. We also feel like total sadists for not being able to choose everyone because, y’know, we’re writers – we know how shitty it feels to get a rejection.

So, you should know – if you made it to either list, it means we think you’re awesome.

And if you made it to the shortlist, it means we wanna take you to The Next Level…

So. WITHOUT FURTHER WAFFLING, let us proudly present:

The Writers’ HQ Competition Shortlist of Awesomeness


Alex Clark

Elisabeth Clark

Della Griffiths

Stephanie Hutton

Susan James

Jennifer Moore

Amy O’Neil

Paul Pavli

Jenny Ramsay

Sally Roberts

Mark Sadler

Ananya Sarkar

Sarojah Sathivelu

Rosemary Sgrio

Lis Ingram Wallace

WELL FUCKING DONE ,YOU GUYS!! Share your news far and wide, and tag us on Twitter and Facebook if you do so we can wave pom-poms at you.

And also as well in addition, not forgetting:

The Writers’ HQ Competition Longlist of Also-Awesomeness

Anika Carpenter

Rebecca Fortuin

Melissa Fu

Lynn Love

Alison Powell

Jonaki Ray

Deirdre Shanahan

Rose Stevens

Maja Zade

Fucking huge congrats. You guys came uber-close. We had a very specific criteria for judging, which was a balance between needing financial help and fictional help, so it is entirely possible that your competition entry was just TOO GOOD for us to think we could help you. Please don’t be disheartened. Keep on keeping on. Keep writing.

There’s still time to book onto our online writing courses, too – so get in there and join us from September 5th for some sweary, procrastination-busting, productivity-smashing writing stuff.

Right. That’s quite enough excitement for one day.

We’ll be announcing the WINNERRRRRS on Wednesday. OM-FLIPPIN’-G! Keep your eyes on this blog and our social thingies for updates!

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