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If you have a writing competition or other literary event you’d like us to share with our gang then please email [email protected]

Got a technical problem? Check our Technical Problemo page first and if you can’t find the answer follow the instructions on that page forthwith henceforth tootsweet hence by proof.

For general ramblings, email us on [email protected] or use the submissions form on this here page.

Ye Modern Social Media


If you’ve got a quick and simple question, or you just want to say hi, probably the quickest way to get our attention is to do the 140 character shuffle on Twitter. (We’re traditionalists. We reject 280 characters and all she stands for.)


Please don’t rely on Facebook for anything you need an answer to because we don’t always get the notifications (ugh come on Zuck, sort it out). But please do feel free to come comment on our grand collection of gifs. And if you sign up to one of our online courses or come along to a retreat you get access to our Super Secret Private Student Facebook Group. Ooooooooh.