Help support marginalised and struggling writers during this particular apocalypse

Lockdown 2: the crappy sequel, huh? Don’t panic. We’ve been here before, we know the drill. We’ve got you. You’re not alone.

We’ve put together a shedload of FREE writing resources to help you keep your creativity alive over the next few weeks (and beyond…)

Find your writing community. Drink tea, eat biscuits, write words. Get through this, together.

Here’s a  bunch of free stuff because we’re rubbish at capitalism

FREE online writing retreats throughout the week

Turn out thousands of words from the comfort of your own self-isolated PJs
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FREE online creative writing course

We run ’em monthly. Coming up in December is our amazing Writing Advent – 25 days of inspiring prompts, pep, and exercises!
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FREE Journaling with WHQ

Let us guide you through the fundamentals of journaling, provide you with inspiration and advice, and set you up with an exercise or two to get you writing. No pressure.
Clicky to register for our weekly Monday journaling session >>

FREE 14 Days Of Self-Writesolation

Stuck in quarantine with no outside contact? This hurriedly cobbled together course will keep your sanity in lockdown.
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FREE Flash Face Off Challenge

Join us every week for a brand new flash fiction challenge! New prompts every Monday, peer feedback in the forums, and a live online lit event from 9pm GMT every Friday!
Find out more about the Flash Face Off challenge here >>

FREE community forums

Come share your work, sling gifs, talk crap and generally have the next best thing to actual human contact – pixel-based human contact.
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FREE Write A Novel In 60 Minutes (for grownups!)

We’re excited to be running a special grownup version of our very popular kids’ workshop. Join us for this whistlestop tour of storytelling and get the basics of a novel down in just 60 minutes!
Clicky to register for Write A Novel In 60 Minutes (for grownups) >>

MEMBERS Ask Us Anything With Sarah & Jo

Join Sarah and Jo on Weds 18 November for a very special members-only webi-semi-nar-online-live-video-thing in which we answer all your burning questions (preferably about writing)
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questions and answers and other bits and bobulars

“Wahh! I was booked onto a writing retreat but it’s been cancelled – what do I do now?”

Be not afeared, sweet summer child. Whack an email to [email protected] and we can either transfer your booking to a future retreat date from June onwards (this would help us ENORMOUSLY as a small business but we understand entirely if it’s not possible for you) or we will happily give you a refund if you’d prefer.

And ALSO, to ensure that no one misses out on their writing fix, we’re also running FREE online writing retreats every dang weekend to help recreate that community writing spirit while not actually having to be in a room with each other. Yay social distancing!


“Help! I’m gonna go stir crazy stuck at home for weeks – I need writing pep and support, STAT!”

Chill thy lovely boots. We’ve got everything you need right here. First up, jump on board our FREE 14 Days of Write-solation email course for two weeks of inspiration, writing exercises and prompts (mostly child-friendly if you wanna write along with small ones in tow).

We also have our regular monthly freebie course starting 4th May – sign up for your Seven Ideas in Seven Days and get another week’s worth of fiction-y goodness delivered straight to your inbox.

Or if that’s not enough, how’s about this?

On Mondays we have a regular journaling workshop to help you coax out some low-to-no pressure words and help soothe your stressed out head – perfect for newbies and long-standing journallers alike – check out the deets here >>

On Wednesdays we run our famous ‘Write a Novel in 60 Minutes‘ workshop specifically designed for small humans (i.e. no swearing, all the googly eyes). Check out the dates and register your place here >>

And on Fridays we run a live spoken word night based on our Flash Face Off challenge (new writing prompts out every Monday)! Find out more and join in with your own writing here >>

Or if you need moar WHQ in your life, why not sign up for a fully-fledged membership and get access to ALL our online courses, 15% off writing retreats and sweary merch. Your first month of membership is also HALF PRICE (just £10!) so you can always give it a try for a tenner and see if it’s for you (but we hope you stick with us – our little writing community is really truly awesome).


“I’m a lonely writer in need of camaraderie and friendship and connection…”

Come rest your soft head upon the downy bosom of the WHQ community. We are here for you. Our writing forums are always open and full of lovely, friendly writer people, as is our Facebook group. We’re also on Twitter all the freaking time if you want to exchange a stupid gif or two. It’s a bit scary out there right now and we need to lean on one another (metaphorically, keep 6 feet away from each other please) as much as possible. But our community really is one of the very best on the internet and you are certainly NOT alone.


“I love Writers’ HQ and I want to support you guys…”

We have been overwhelmed by the love and support from you all – just proving further that WHQ writers are the very best people in the entire universe. We are a (very) small business with a core team of three and a handful of amazing retreat reps, forum mods, and satellite staff. We are doing everything in our power to make sure everyone still gets paid and we’re able to provide all the usual WHQ services to our students and members but… yikes, guys. This is a really fucking scary time for small businesses and self-employed people and the arts in general.

We’ve had a bunch of people ask if they can donate and support us in some way (which has left us crying at our laptops several times) and we are happy to say that YES, you can directly help us by contributing to our Writing Bursary. Not only does this help us maintain operations but also supports under-represented and low income writers to access our courses, retreats, mentoring and critique services, which is an all round win. We really appreciate your help, so if you’re able to donate a quid or two, you will have our eternal thanks and all the gold stars.


You can also support us by signing up for membership, buying a course, a future retreat, some sweary merch, or writing therapy and by sharing the love for WHQ far and wide. And if you’re unable to throw money at us right now (which we totally understand) then we appreciate you simply being a part of our community, taking part in our freebie courses, and chatting to us on social media and in the forums.

We’re not going anywhere, guys. So we hope you stick with us. And we’ll see you on the other side.

“I need something tangible to remind me to write because I am a procrastinatory mess of a human being…”

You are in excellent company and we have just the thing for you: sweary WHQ merch, oh yes! Browse our little shop, pick a mug or a print or both, and use these finely-crafted visual aids to motivate yourself when procrastination takes over. (P.S. they also make great presents for the writer in your life, along with gift vouchers for retreats and courses!)