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Shake off your literary ennui and wake up your writing!

Discover the secrets of how to go from writerly wannabe to super productive writing superstar.

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If you want to stop fucking about and start writing, this course is going to change your life.

Writers’ HQ has spent more than a decade helping writers dust off their notebooks and make the words come out of their brains. Now it’s your turn.

Join Sarah and Team WHQ for the Couch to 5k Words writerly training programme, designed to help you shake off the literary ennui and find your writing happy place.


It’s time to whack a firecracker up your writerly-butt and yeet procrastination out the door.

The famous WHQ Couch to 5k Words is 28 days of writing workouts, habit-forming exercises, inspirational bollocks and literary swearing, all delivered direct to your face.

Throughout the month, we’ll help you create your own writing practice that fits into your life and goals.

Delivered via email and our online learning platform, you’ll also have access to our writing forums for support, feedback and writerly love from your fellow WHQers.

You could see out the month with a writing habit to make Barbara Cartland weep and productivity to make Stephen King fall on his knees in adulation.

“This course got me writing again after a break of nearly 20 years. Writers’ HQ is amazing! A motivating, practical, friendly course with exercises to do and a nice positive forum to discuss how it’s all going.”


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a dedicated creative practice
  • Ways of using adaptable techniques for every writing session
  • To love your writing practice and keep on going

Here’s what you get when you enroll today:

28 lessons showing you how to:

  • Create time when it feels like there is no time
  • Sit down and write regularly
  • Find a repeatable process that works for you
  • Write your stories and get them out into the world

Bonus: when you sign up you can also access all other Writers’ HQ courses, including the famous Plotstormers: How To Plot A Novel, the entire publishing series, all workshops and masterclasses, and access to the Writers’ HQ community.

Great course – from confronting the inner critic, through the basics of plotting and characterisation, this course has given me the confidence to ‘just keep writing’. The encouragement to keep going, and the support from the lovely WHQ community has helped me develop and maintain a solid writing habit, that fits in with a pretty busy life. Highly recommended.”


What does Writers’ HQ bring to the party?

  • Experience!
    Over a decade of experience supporting writers through their challenges, getting them moving and getting them to love their writing
  • Magic!
    Home to the most special, most magical, most kickass and supportive community of writers this side of the internet
  • Guidance!
    Years of know-how in guiding writers through their arghs and blarghs and blocks, and getting them to sit down and write
  • Guidance!
    Years of know-how in guiding writers through their arghs and blarghs and blocks, and getting them to sit down and write
  • Track record!
    A proven track record of guiding writers through their novels to create something wonderful
  • Joy!
    We focus on the joy. Writing shouldn’t be a chore. We bring the fun, and the rest follows easily (ish)

But does it actually work?

Here’s some real results from writers who have taken Couch to 5k Words

Produced well over 15k words

This course helped me find the joy in my writing again and got me back on track to writing every day. I produced well over 15k of words and, more importantly, was reminded exactly why I started writing all those years ago. I started the 28 days having to sternly tell myself to get on and do the daily exercise, I finished by waking up desperate to get back to my WIP.

It can help you do that too, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs to reset their writing habits.


Submitted a piece of work to a literary magazine for the first time!

Writers HQ is an amazing resource for aspiring writers! After reading through their extensive blogs and trying some exercises, I submitted a piece of work to a literary magazine for the first time, something I never had the courage to do before. The community is also really welcoming and helpful – can’t recommend them enough.

Kerri E

What I needed to kickstart my writing groove!

I stumbled across Writers HQ through Twitter last year and signed up to their C25K Words challenge. And unlike my usual ‘what did I agree to do at 2AM last night’ regret ramblings, I discovered this challenge was what I needed to kickstart my writing groove! I enjoyed the challenge so much that I came back to do another course. I found that the community is filled with immense supportive and passionate, likeminded writers and thanks to Writer’s HQ, I rekindled my love for writing. For a long time, I really struggled to find a place where I could write freely without being judged but WHQ always encouraged us to write with no expectations, guilt, pressure etc and I’m so grateful to have found my writing home/people through WHQ.

Jules H

Are you ready to wake up your writing and finally write your story? Let’s get started today!


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£190 one-off

A whole year of WHQ courses, workshops and support

  • Instant access to Couch to 5k Words
  • Regular coaching emails
  • The Writers’ HQ community forum
  • All other member benefits
  • 12 months of continuous membership

Best value!

£20 per month

The full Writers’ HQ membership for writerly superstars

  • Instant access to Couch to 5k Words
  • Regular coaching emails
  • The Writers’ HQ community forum
  • All other member benefits
  • Cancel any time

Any questions? Here’s what fellow writers asked before they enrolled

Is this course right for me?

Couch to 5k Words has been created over ten years to work for writers at any stage of the process.

This course is for you if:

  • You are struggling to get started at all
  • You’re feeling burned out with your current process
  • You used to write and then fell out of the habit
  • You dream of writing but just can’t get start

What skill level is this course for?

This course is for all writers regardless of whether they’re just starting out or old hands.

If you want a roadmap to get you from the flopping on the coach to a regular writing routine, this is for you.

How long will the course take?

The course is designed to be done over 28 days and you’ll need about 20 minutes to half an hour every day to complete the tasks.

You don’t have to show up every day, but it helps. If you miss a day, don’t worry, just pick up where you left off.

We’ll send you an email every day of the 28 days to remind you to get off your butt and do the thing. This might sound annoying, and it is, but also holy wow it works.

What tools do I need to do this course?

Laptop, notebook, pen, pencil, brain (optional).

How is Writers’ HQ so goddamn awesome?

The spice melange innit

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