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Writers’ HQ reignited my love of writing that had been dormant for too long. The retreats are fab and the Couch to 5k Words course has been an absolute pleasure.
- Jo Warburton

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Struggling to get started with your writing?

Finding it impossible to keep up a momentum?

Generally feeling a bit meh?

Shake off the literary ennui and find your writing happy place. Whack a firecracker up the butt of productivity. Shove procrastination out the door like a drunk relative who’s outstayed their welcome.

The Writers’ HQ Couch to 5k Butt Kick is 28 days of writing tips and prompts, inspirational bollocks, super special discount codes, and literary swearing, all delivered to your inbox.

Start on 1 June, join our lovely little community, and GET WRITING.

You could see out the month with a writing habit to make Barbara Cartland weep and productivity to make Stephen King fall on his knees in adulation.


Day 1
Goal setting

Day 2
One day at a time

Day 3
Dealing with FEAR

Day 4
Foundations Part 1: Changes

Day 5
Fun, fun, fun

Day 6

Day 7
Recharge #1

Day 8
Foundations Part 2: Plot

Day 9
Make friends with your writing

Day 10
Write what you know

Day 11
What even IS writing?

Day 12
Change the angle

Day 13
Show up!

Day 14
Recharge #2

Day 15
Foundations Part 3: Characters

Day 16

Day 17
Find your rhythm

Day 18
Why are you here?

Day 19
Play with yourself (ahem)

Day 20
Return to source

Day 21
Recharge #3

Day 22
Foundations Part 4: Building blocks

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25
Look what you’ve done!

Day 26
Write what you love

Day 27
Have a plan

Day 28


1. Enrol
Once you’ve joined you’ll get an email confirming your place and explaining how you access the course. Spoiler: you click a link. Super simple.

2. Read, watch, do
The lessons are a mix of text, images, videos and exercises. To get the most out of the course, try to give yourself at least an hour a day to read or watch the material and do the exercises. We’ve made them as bite-size as possible but also if you wanna do the thing you gotta do the work.

3. No rush
This course is written to be done over 28 days but if you miss a day or something comes up, don’t panic! Go at your own pace. We’ll be waiting for you in the community forums when you’re ready to catch up.

4. No money? No problem
Periodically we run this course as a freebie so please make sure you’re on our newsletter list to get notifications of that. Alternatively, if you can’t wait and have no cash, have a look at our bursary scheme.

5. Milk no sugar
Drink plenty of tea, stock up on biscuits, gin for later. Enjoy it. It’s supposed to be fun. Love you. Mwa.

  • This course is exclusive for members, so when you join you get access to all our amaaazing creative writing courses, including this one, which is 28 days of videos, exercises, advice and resources exploring the juicy innards of the short fiction process Explore how to wake up your writing with a good hard rub.
  • Your butt-kicked into oblivion until you stop fucking about and start writing
  • An invitation to our online community, full of super cool people to help and support you along the way, including Team WHQ, our specially-pickled and hand-baked gang of badass writers.

Give your writing and writing habit a vigorous shakedown. Ooer.

Finish the course with a regular, sustainable writing practice.

Join our lovely little online community to support you through starting, middling, finishing and beyond.


Here’s to Writers’ HQ for encouraging us to take ourselves seriously as writers whilst still enabling us to have fun while we do it.

Elizabeth Haynes

Author of The Murder of Harriet Monckton

I took Plotstormers and used it to plot and write my fourth novel. HarperCollins bought it on proposal! Sent it to my editor two months before my deadline and she loved it. Thank you Jo and Sarah. Plotstormers is fabulous!

Hannah McKinnon

Author of Her Secret Son

Writers’ HQ are absolute legends ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
They have taken me from someone who writes and created a writer. They also making a cracking cuppa. The retreats are an oasis of writing calm and an inspirational treat. Meeting fellow writers is always a treat. The online courses are not only draw out the writer you know is inside but are incredibly fun to boot.

Vicki Sarteur


Writers’ HQ are amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Their courses are easy to apply, fun to do and will improve all areas of your writer life. Plus they’re an absolute bargain. Get in now before they realise how much they could charge.

Clare Wade



Sarah Lewis
Half of Writers’ HQ
Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and had a baby to avoid writing her novel

Jo Gatford
Half of Writers’ HQ
Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and did an MA to avoid writing her novel


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