Productivity isn’t what you think it is

Learn how to get shit done and keep getting shit done and feel great about it.

Aw yeah, we’re gonna help you do a whole load of word-based miracles.

Join us now for this super efficient five-day writing challenge in which we unpick the myths around how to be productive, help you unlock your unique writerly powers, and find the joy in your writing.

After the course, you’ll walk away with an early-stage writing routine and a practical plan on an actual bit of paper — a personalised guide that will carry you forward to the next stage on your writerly path.

Oh, and we promise we won’t recommend you simply wake up earlier and work harder.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to develop a dedicated creative practice
  • Ways of using adaptable techniques for every writing session
  • To love your writing practice and keep on going

“Writers’ HQ got me writing again after a break of nearly 20 years. They are amazing! A motivating, practical, friendly course with exercises to do and a nice positive forum to discuss how it’s all going.”


Here’s what you get when you start this course today

Five lessons on how to:

  • Create time when it feels like there is no time
  • Sit down and write regularly
  • Find a repeatable process that works for you
  • Write your stories and get them out into the world

Plus this lovely, lovely bonus stuff


Write A Tiny Novel

Grow your novel idea from a seed to a sapling and begin to understand the basics of story structure


Seven Ideas in Seven Days

Give your brain a thorough shakedown and finish with at least seven new story ideas


Online Writing Retreat

Come write with us! Set and achieve your writing goals. Find accountability, advice and camaraderie!

Oh and did we say it’s FREE?

Because it is. All freeeee.

What’s the catch? Eh. No catch. We’re shit at capitalism. We believe everyone should have access to stories. And obviously we’re also hoping you love it so much you upgrade to the full shebang. But ya know, no pressure 🤷‍♀️.


“Thank you so much for this course. It’s made me feel so much better about myself, and not just my (non) writing. I’ve been able to commit to the times I set for myself every day, which is a big thing for me. I can see myself applying the ‘just practising’ mantra in writing & other areas of my life too. 🙂”


Ready? Let’s go!

Get your Writers’ HQ FREE membership now. Right now. Now now now now.

  • Instant access to The Writers’ HQ Guide to Productivity, plus bonus courses Write A Tiny Novel and Seven Ideas In Seven Days
  • Regular online writing retreats and Flash Face Off
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And yes it’s free. Free of charge. Gratis. Frei. No Earth pounds will be exchanged for our free level membership. Noice.


“Really enjoyed this course. I actively looked forward to it every day because I knew the content would make me laugh, I’d feel supported and it would motivate me to sit down and do some writing – which it did – EVERYDAY!  Woop!”


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