14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit

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Develop a practical, sustainable writing routine in 14 days
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Get writing. Stay writing.

Sometimes the toughest part about writing is finding the time and space to do it

Our online productivity butt-kick will show you how to magic writing time from nowhere, how to set realistic and sustainable goals, and harness a range of techniques for prioritising so that it always gets done. By the end of the course you’ll have an achievable, regular and confident writing practice. Boosh. 

Maybe you’re struggling to find the time to write around work and family and the general goings on of life. Maybe you feel like you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re quietly worried that you won’t be as good as you hope you’ll be. 14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit will guide you step-by-step through and over your hurdles while simultaneously getting your bum on the seat to write.

Give us just two weeks and we’ll have you raring to go.

15 steps

  • Welcome to 14 Days to a Solid Writing Habit
  • DAY 1: Showing up
  • DAY 2: Social media detox
  • Day 3: Do more by doing less
  • Day 4: Time to think
  • Day 5: Focusing on the matter at hand
  • Day 6: Find your writing sweet spot
  • Day 7: Be firm in your resolve, but gentle with yourself
  • Day 8: Setting realistic goals
  • Day 9: All the things included under the umbrella of ‘writing’
  • Day 10: If it’s always hard, ask yourself why
  • Day 11: Daydreaming FTW
  • Day 12: Switch up your writing format
  • Day 13: What do you want to achieve?
  • Day 14: Fly, my pretties, fly!
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    Helpful and motivating

    Thank you for such a thoughtful productive, motivating course. Loved the structure, so much food for thought and so many ideas , micro ideas generated. But also practical and really shows how you can build a word based habit without the high pressure we tend to put ourselves under. Helpful and motivating.

    Madhavi B

    A solid introduction to the habit of writing

    This is a good solid introduction to writing and more importantly, the habit of writing. The sessions are easily manageable within an hour (sometimes less) of your day and the tone is supportive and helpful. It’s my first WHQ course and one I would recommend as a starter from everyone. Then go on to pick and choose the courses more pertinent to the type of writing you want to churn out, now that this has you at your keyboard/typewriter/notepad every day.

    Andrew D

    This will give you a disciplined habit

    I actually came to WHQ having heard someone recommend this course. As a newbie writer I’m glad I started with this as it will help you get into good habits from the start, and it’s really made me think about what I want to do next and actually plan it out. Recommended for all kinds of writing – whatever you do, it has to be a disciplined habit, which is what this will give you.

    Emma C

    Exactly what I needed

    Really good course, exactly what I needed to kick off a good writing habit. I liked that the units were fairly short on text and videos – that made them very approachable. Part of the problem of writing – at least at the beginning when one is less in the habit – is that anything too comprehensive or involved looking becomes daunting and I start to avoid it. The bitesize lessons with room to write – but again not too much – were perfect and approachable, and I found myself looking forward to the next unit. The materials were also very helpful and you balanced everything with the right amount of humour. Thank you!

    Daniel M

    The perfect place to start

    Just what I needed to get the confidence to get writing again. It has allowed me to get into a habit and get (some) stuff done. A perfect place to start.

    Jessica A

    The perfect kick-start

    It was just what I needed to kick-start me into writing the story that had been forming in my head over the last couple of years. The methodology of bite-sizes suited my brain and my lifestyle, and I am very much looking forward to the next stage of developing my writing.

    Claire N

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