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Make creativity a fundamental part of your daily life

How do you fit writing into your life? And we don’t just mean logistically but, like, emotionally, too. Spiritually, even?

Look, calling yourself ‘A Writer’ is a big, brave, scary thing to do, and many of us shy away from even saying it out loud for fear of being called out as a fraud, or because, eek, “I’m not a REAL writer,” or because actually a lot of the time it’s bloody hard to even find the time and space to write at all.

It can be a huge challenge to balance up, prioritise, and properly value your writing alongside work, family, studying, and other life-y responsibilities. Not to mention the struggle of finding the energy to write when you might also be dealing with physical or mental health issues, disabilities, neurodiversities, chronic illness, and/or general pandemic exhaustion.

But there’s always room for creativity. And making space for it doesn’t have to come at a cost. So join us for five days of writey-lifey balancing and let us help you look at your relationship with writing, how it benefits you most, how to make it a fundamental part of your life, and give you the confidence to shout, “I’m a writer, dagnamit!” from the rooftops.

At the end of the course you’ll walk away with a new perspective on how to balance your writing with whatever life throws at you, and a plan to nurture and develop your creative time even further.

6 steps

  • Welcome to Balance Your Writing Life
  • Day 1: You are a writer
  • Day 2: Shift the perspective
  • Day 3: Writing/life balance
  • Day 4: Writing and your brain
  • Day 5: Writing and YOU
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    A fantastic reminder of why I write

    Writing has stopped being fun and working through WHQ courses has reminded me of the good parts, that I actually love this thing called writing. It’s given me practical ways to get back into writing and I’ve opened up my manuscript again and written for the first time in ages.


    Self-worth, belief and confidence!

    Without a doubt, Writers’ HQ has given me self-worth and belief in my writing, as well as new found confidence, thanks to the courses and support from the forum and community.


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