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Short fiction

Learn how to turn your short stories into a collection!


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Learn how to put together a stunning short fiction collection
Practical techniques and advice from award-winning author Kirsty Logan
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Learn how to curate, collate and create a short story collection with award-winning author Kirsty Logan

Maybe you have a handful of stories but aren’t sure what to do with them.

Maybe you have PLANS to write a bunch of stories but aren’t sure how to smoosh ’em together in the right way.

Or maybe you’re just procrastinating about writing anything at all and looking for inspiration.

All are FINE reasons to do this resoursesome-saucesome course, and wherever you are in the process, there’ll be something in here to help you out.

7 steps in 2 sections

  • Welcome to Create a Short Story Collection
  • 1Part 1: Doing it by accident

    • I didn’t know I was writing a collection
    • Exercise 1
    • I know I want to write a collection

    2Part 2: Doing it on purpose

    • Exercise 2
    • How do I decide on an order?
    • How do I write a coherent collection?
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