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The characterisation masterclass


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Create characters who are original, real and memorable, right down to that bit of dried cheese sauce on their trousers and their fear of flip-flops. this is *the* characterisation masterclass.

Imagine if Lizzie Bennett had no sense of humour, or if Offred just gave up, or if Matilda wasn’t fussed about books. Imagine if Frankenstein had even the tiniest ounce of empathy. Without great and believable characters, stories don’t fly, plots wilt, worlds end and, worse, manuscripts get thrown in the bin. Characterisation is to plot what jam is to toast.

Our characterisation masterclass will show you how to turn your characters into people, how to stop yourself falling back on tropes and stereotypes, and how to avoid hashing out two-dimensional cardboard cutout figures instead of sculpting living, breathing people.

Prepare your loins to CREATE LIFE!

6 steps

  • Introduction to Making People
  • 1. What do they want and why can’t they have it?
  • 2. The many arcs of Charlie Baxter
  • 3. What you do is more important than what you are
  • 4. History and also herstory
  • 5. Increments of bastardy
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