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It’s time to find an agent. You’ve spent hundreds of hours writing and editing and polishing your story, and now it’s ready to become a real life book-shaped thing.

So now what? Where do you start? How do you find an agent? How do you find the right agent? How do you package up your manuscript so it won’t end up at the bottom of the slush pile? What even IS a slush pile? Well, that’s what this course is for…

Don’t jump the gun. Too many (ahem, most) writers send off their manuscript far too early – before they’ve properly prepared, done their research, and put together a professional submission.

Spend four weeks (or as long as you need!) learning how to prepare your manuscript for submission, find a suitable agent who’s going to love your work, and navigate the dos and don’ts of publication.

23 steps in 5 sections

1Begin at the beginning

  • Introduction to Publishing 101: Find An Agent

2Are you ready for submission?!

  • READ: Are you ready for this? Huh? Huh?
  • READ: How do you know if your manuscript is ready for submission?
  • WRITE: Buckle up and pitch your story
  • WATCH: When and how to submit your work
  • READ: How do you muster up the gumption to submit your book?

3Where the heck do you start?

  • READ: What’s this submission business all about then?
  • EXERCISE: Summarising your story
  • READ: How do I find the right agent for my book? Part 1
  • WATCH: What do agents want?
  • READ: How do I find the right agent for my book? Part 2
  • EXERCISE: Whassit about? Who you gonna send it to?

4What to do; what not to do

  • READ: Whadda do?
  • READ: Whadda don’t?
  • EXERCISE: Stand up, stand out
  • READ: Making your manuscript sparkle
  • EXERCISE: The Checklist of Preparation

5Success, failure, and everything in between

  • READ: Finding your own path
  • READ: How to deal with rejection
  • READ: What to do if an agent wants to see more?
  • READ: And then…?
  • DISCUSS: Other options
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