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You’ve written a book! Yay you. And now you’re ready for the next big hurdle – getting it out there.

First impressions count, and your query letter is usually the very first thing an agent will look at. So you’d better make it a good ‘un.

But how do you summarise a 70,000+ novel in the space of just a few paragraphs? How do you grab the attention of the literary agent of your dreams? How do you make sure your submission doesn’t end up at the bottom of the slush pile?

Well, that’s what we’re gonna teach you. Learn how to write a killer query letter and give yourself the best chance of an agent saying “Yes, yes, yes! Send me your book RIGHT NOW!’

8 steps

  • Introduction to Publishing 101: The Query
  • READ: What’s a query and what does it do?
  • READ: What’s in a query?
  • EXERCISE: Sum your book up in a paragraph (or two, or three)
  • READ: Resources and research
  • READ: Make it all about YOU
  • EXERCISE: Spot-check your query
  • READ: What do agents want from a query?
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